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The foreign relations of the Russian Federation are the Russian government policy that guides its interaction with the rest of the nation in the world, the Russian citizens as well as the foreign organization. Russia is the member of Union of Russia and Belarus, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS),the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC), and Paris Club. Russia signed a NATO Partnership for Peace, an initiative that took place on June 22nd, 1994. Also, Russia and NATO signed the NATORussia Founding Act, whereby the parties expected to give the basis for a robust and enduring partnership between the Russia and Alliance, one that would make an essential support to European security architecture around the 21st century.

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The key allies of Russia are China, India, Syria, and Iran. However, Russia is neither a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization; instead, it is a member of the correlated Partnership for Peace program, which laid some ties to the full NATO members. Russia and China have had a close relationship since the dissolvent the Soviet Union. Since 2004, the two countries have never affirmed a formal alliance, though they have a healthy trade relationship, mostly with the military hardware. Also, China firmly declared its support for the Russia's invasion of Crimea.

On the other side, Russia and India are close allies for several decades now. The two nations have a formal declaration regarding the strategic partnership that relates to the counter-terrorism, political relations, space exploration as well as the nuclear energy.

Since 2014, Russia has ties with a number if the former Soviet Union states using the Commonwealth of Independent States. There is no assurance of the good relationship between the other countries and Russia, as proof of its military attack on Ukraine together with its previous member state Georgia. The countries that they are regarded to be hostile and enemies of Russia are, the United States, Turkey, and Ukraine, whereas Belarus and Kazakhstan are among the best friends in Moscow.


Speeches that Reflect the Position of the Assigned Country.

Speech 1

Your Excellency Mr. President, and my fellow honourable delegate, it is a pleasure to take this opportunity before the United Nations Security Council, to express Russias concern regarding the protection of the civilians in the armed conflict in Ukraine.

First, we are glad to welcome the President of the Security Council, Mr. Serve. Also, we would like to thank the President of International Committee of the Red Cross together with the Secretary-General for their insightful briefings. We second the statement made by the President of the Central African Republic since it is essential for the Security Council concerning our trade on the regular citizens insurance in the equipped clashes.

The motion of the civilian protection is critical for the Security Council. Meanwhile, the issues around there are not reducing, while as of late the attention of the United Nations, as well as the international community, has been attracted to new troubling phenomena.

We second the motion for the civilian protection in Ukraine is a more immediate and imperative result of contentions. We get persuaded that in mitigating the ominous circumstance with regards to the civilian protection, it is critical to shift from particular and one-sided methodologies and concentrate on infringement of the international humanitarian law. We require substantial compliance with human rights measures as well as the full execution of the significant Security Council decision by entire armed conflict parties. In any case, the political determination of the contentions is the prime successful approach to take out dangers to regular citizens. Its advancement is the most necessary capacity of the Security Council.

The essential obligation regarding guaranteeing the civilian protections in Ukraine lies with the conflicting parties. In the meantime, in the troublesome states of severe crisis, the host nation is not ready to do those actions. In that association, the vast majority of the peacekeeping missions embraced by the Security Council has an obligation of protecting the civilians, to help civic endeavors. That is one of the main traits of the peacekeeping operations. We have to believe that the activities of peacekeepers ought to be all encompassing and include close participation among the police, military, together with the civilian personnel components, in harmonization with local communities, national authorities and relevant humanitarian organizations.

When talking about the civilians protection by United Nations Blue Helmets, we need to underscore the primary standards of peacekeeping: the assent of parties, nonalignment and the non-utilization of constraining except self-defense or in applying the directive endorsed by the Security Council. These conditions, lamentably, have as of late been considered by a few nations as a hindrance towards conducting the mission of their commands. But then we imagine that these standards are what ensures the adequacy of peacekeeping operations.

Russia objects the claims that the Russian government through our president Vladimir Putin is supporting the chaos that is in the Ukraine. We have heard Ukraine, stating that we have offered the separatists with a sophisticated surface-to-air missile, such ideas are not credible and should not be taken into account.

Point of information to the Chair

The escalating claims that We have moved our military equipment at the Ukrainian border are right. Our question is, are we not allowed to protect our country from external aggression? We Russians see that the Ukrainians are taking the Pro-Russian attack into our county. Mr. President, we have proof that Ukraine is shooting the unarmed civilians in the city of cities of Donetsk and Luhansk for the sake of their political interest.

The point of order:

Honourable Delegate of Ukrainian, Russian's point of entails the claims that we have shot down several Ukrainian aircraft; these allegations are void and shouldn't be put into consideration. Ukraine should not blame us for the war that they are experiencing into their nations; we are not responsible for their attack on their military aircraft, they should instead put that blame on their rebels who are also well armed to conduct such attacks. I yield the floor back to the chair

Speech 2

Honourable Chair, these days, when there is are mostly internal conflicts, civilians are the vulnerable situation, related with sides in a contention. Sometimes, it is hard to separate them from the fighters. In this unique circumstance, it is especially essential to set up contacts with the sides and to clarify the unbiasedness of peacekeepers. In the meantime, host States must not just assume the underlying liability in protecting their populaces; they should likewise give all the vital support to peacekeeping missions sent in their region. There is the question that the civilians protection ought to be a priority; however, no less priority ought to be the security of peacekeepers.

Honour Delegates and Mr. President, we think it is vital, in building up the directive of the peacekeeping missions, that members of the Council acknowledge the danger of connecting the task of safeguarding the civilians with directing hostile counter-terrorist operations. These particular tasks can be managed just by professionally trained and armed forces of the national security. We invite to the comparing conclusions in the report of the High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations (S/2015/446), that was upheld by the individuals from the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations.

Honourable Delegate, the UN peacekeepers, in conducting their obligations, reasonably enjoy the trust and respect they receive from the civilian population. That is the reason their activities and practices ought to be commendable inside and out. It is important to take the needed measures to avert any violation, incorporating sexual abuse. The UN Resolution 2272 (2016), on sexual violence and exploitation in peacekeeping operations, explicitly expresses that measures to avoid and battle that occurrence pertain all missions sent with the support of the Security Council.

Serious law-breaking incidences and violent acts by foreign contingents, comprising those of the sexual nature, are classified with increasing frequency. The countries contributing troops have the full obligation for disciplining their peacekeepers. Disciplinary action is neither adequate with regards to criminal to the criminal violations. We likewise surmise that when national peacekeeping contingents working under the order of the Security Council engage in sexual abuse, it is deplorable to discharge them from the obligation. In the case when we are discussing a zero-resilience policy on this matter, the measures for fighting such infringement ought to be the same for everybody.

Honour Delegates and Mr. President, Russia have one objection. In his statement, the Ukraine delegate criticized the censured the Security Council for apparently not responding to its drive, pursuing the deployment of a United Nations peacekeeping mission in his nation. I would wish to object that idea for the record since the Security Council did not receive such kind of a proposal. The council the Council is not committed to responding to occasional public proclamations by Ukrainian authorities that are primarily publicity stunts that target at distracting attention from Kyiv's resistance with the Minsk understandings.

We second the United States of America regarding Ukraine need to stop its every day opening fire on civilian targets in Donbass, which leads to the infrastructural destruction and civilian fatality. Additionally, Ukraine should endorse laws on the special status on amnesty and Donbass. It ought to set up a discussion with the delegates of Luhansk and Donetsk, as accommodated in the Minsk assertions. That will be the appropriate type of peacekeeping. I yield the floor back to the chair.

Point of information to the Chair

Mr President, why should the house not take sanctions against the Ukraine government instead of turning your wrath to the Russians? We believe that Ukraine government are the ones using excessive force towards the unarmed civilians who are protesting against them by killing them.

The point of order:

Russias point of order is to conflict with the earlier assertion that we made that we are deliberately attacked Malaysia MH17 aircraft. We would like to make it clear to all the members states delegates that Russia is not responsible for the direct bombing of the Malaysia MH17 aircraft, since it was not done intentionally. We couldnt distinguish the plane from that of the Ukrainian, we could didnt know whether the Ukraine have moved forward to attack us, therefore we had to take necessary measure to protect our country, though we apologize for the great loss of human life. With those few remarks Mr. President and members states delegate, I yield my time back to the chair.


Position Paper

The escalating conflict between the Ukraine that involves the Ukrainians pro-Russian has increased death of the unarmed civilians. The issues are spreading, and to some extent, it is affecting some Russians speaking individuals who consider themselves as the Russians.

Furthermore, despite the civilian death, there has been incidences of the sexual abuse towards women and girls who get themselves in between the chaos. Such human violation has led to the psychological disturbance among the victims and unwanted pregnancy. Since Rus...

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