Paper Example on Walgreen: Global Retail Operations

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Date:  2022-06-13

Role of Walgreens Operation Play in the Delivery of Goods to Their International Customer Base

Walgreen is an international company that uses extraordinary customer and patient healthcare globally- containing both the domestic wing and the international retail store wing. The key role of Walgreen operation in the delivery of goods to their international customers is focusing on innovation and reinventing on value creation products. According to Wasson, "Walgreens focused on the new innovative retail concepts both in the domestic and international sphere." More specifically, the acquisition of and Duane Reade was a major milestone for achieving significant progress in the preceding fiscal year.

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The great recession has expanded the retail wing thus the customers are enjoying the better services that come because of the recession. The recession orchestrated the establishment extra private brand items to cater for the growing demand. Moreover, Walgreens is slowly improvising the beauty and fresh foods and seizing the opportunity to attract more customers across the retail platform. Walgreens is seizing the opportunity created by these new trends of production to gain a competitive advantage for the next couple of years ("Walgreens Outlines Growth Opportunities and Strategy at 2014 Annual Shareholders Meeting | Walgreens Newsroom," n.d.).

What Attributes Does Walgreens Consider in Market Selection?

Walgreens focuses on three strategic aspects as three determinants of success. Walgreens will focus to advance their community pharmacy, establish a streamlined global system, and to enhance customer experience globally (Bacon, 2004).

Walgreens is establishing an efficient global platform that is elevating the service care delivery amongst the customers across the globe. The partnership with Alliance Boots is helping the company to tap new opportunities and attaining the global scale. This partnership aims to increase pharmaceutical supply and access at the same time reduce the cost of the products.

Walgreen is advocating for the advancement of community pharmacy to enhance innovation and facilitate affordable healthcare (Bacon, 2004). Thus, Walgreens is positioned to seize this opportunity to meet the demand for health and well-being services.

Equally, Walgreens does not only focus on enhancing the drugstore but also is determined to create an exciting experience for the customers. Well-experienced is derived from the expertise and extraordinary care services that are given to the clients. Walgreens always ensures the products are available and they have a solution to the customers whenever the need arises.


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