Corner Toilet: A Space-Saving Solution for Small Estates

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Date:  2023-04-24

A toilet is one of the structures constructed for the purposes of defecation and urination. There are different types of toilets that may be constructed that include corner toilet and open-piece flush toilets. Corner toilet covers little space and is mostly used by people with a small estate in their surroundings. The advantage of the corner toilet is that it is cheap to construct because it requires fewer construction materials. Corner toilet is also advantageous since it encourages space utilization; hence people may divide the available space and built other structures such as bathroom wash. Open-flush toilets are the toilets that are normally established in such a way that its wastes can only be eliminated by the use of water, and thereafter these wastes are carried away as part of the sewage (Surya, A. V., et al. 638). People prefer open- flush toilets because less labor is needed to maintain it, especially when it comes to cleanliness. Open-flush toilets are easily accessible since most of these toilets are normally found in a self-contained house, thereby making people spent less time in order to get access to it. Open-flush toilets also have inlet and outlet, thus encouraging sewage treatment. People may vary in the ownerships of the toilet due to the economic gap that exists between the rich and the poor. Illiteracy is another factor that contributes a lot when it comes to the possession of toilets because some people may fear adopting modern toilet due to inadequate skills on how to use and maintained it. Through the paper, there will be a discussion on the importance of toilets regardless of the kind that people own.

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Toilet has played a key role in most of the societies in various ways. Firstly, toilets have aided in the reduction of environmental pollutions by eliminating the accumulated wastes. Toilets reduce these wastes by means of sewage treatment, which involves the entrance of waste through the inlet and thereafter passed via the outlet, thus limiting environmental pollutions (Cruddas, Peter, Alison Parker, and Gormley, 20). Toilets have also contributed a lot, especially in the field of health, through the adoption of toilets hygienic measures. The hygienic health has been obtained by encouraging the practice of a healthier life, for instance, adhering to health measures such as using the toilet for the right purpose. Toilets also are useful because they minimize the rate at which waste spread from one place to another hence enabling people to live a healthier life. Living healthier lives among people will increase the rate of their lifespan, thus enabling them to enjoy longer lives.

When it comes to the health sector, toilets help the children to abstain from malnutrition diseases that are caused by poor sanitation (Elledge, Myles, and Marcella McClatchey, 25). Children Malnutrition diseases normally occur as a result of the inability of the body to allow the intake of essential nutrients as they are growing. Also, Toilets are important in most of the health sector since it helps to reduce the spread of health-related diseases such as cholera which is normally associated with the poor hygienic measures (Schalkers, Inge, Christine WM Dedding, and Joske FG Bunders, 2072). A toilet is essential among the girl child, especially those who are undergoing their menstrual cycle as this will reduces cases of harassment from their colleagues as they are undergoing their cycles. The harassments are usually minimized by creating more toilets for the girl child so as to avoid open exposure of their clots that are usually witnessed during the menstrual cycle. Toilets also contribute a lot towards the growth of a given nation by encouraging more production of tissue papers, which in turn generates a source of income to the government, thus leading to its growth ( MARY, JENCY PRIYA, 27).

Toilets ensure girls' and women's safety. Rape is one of the cases that is normally associated with poor access to toilet facilities. In addition, toilets enhance safety by reducing the chances of being attacked by wild animals such as snakes, especially in open defecation. Proper toilets are also important in the education sector since it encourages proper hygienic measures and thereafter enabling the students to develop good growth that can enable them to achieve their goals (Nangbes et al., 34). It also improves the rate at which students attend their various schools because they are able to secure a place to defecate. Health hygienic measures also give students a peaceful mind that favors learning, thus making them attain their set targets.

Toilets enhance gender equality in our various societies because most of the organizations have constructed toilets not only for men but also for women (Cengiz, Ozge, and Can Cengiz, 277). Toilets create a conducive environment in different societies by eliminating the bad smell that is usually associated with environmental pollutions. Toilets are also useful because they are used to dispose of non-bio gradable materials, for instance, plastics, copper, zinc, aluminum, glass, bottles, and batteries. Non-boardable materials take longer time to decompose, and it may end up polluting the environment. Toilets have solved this challenge because most people carefully dispose of their plastics hence conserving their environments. Toilets are also important such that it reduces infectious diseases which might be spread through human feces, thus leading to a decline in death rates. Toilets are significant because it helps people by shaping their behaviors on matters relating to good manners such that they would learn the essence of defecating using toilets and thereafter share these ideas with their fellow colleagues thereby creating a favorable environment that can sustain their lives ( Junias et al. 443).

In conclusion, toilets play a major role in various fields of our lives, for instance, promoting hygienic measures of the people. Proper health can be achieved by using clean toilets and a thorough washing of the hand after one has defecated. Toilets aid the growth of children since it allows them to remove their waste, thus encouraging more intake of nutrients that fasten their growth rate (Tumwebaze, Innocent K. et al. 110). Students' intelligence quotients have also been impacted in a positive way such that through the use of toilets, there are able to have a good piece of mind that favors their academic progress. Education has also been impacted in a positive manner such that toilets have led to safety among the girl child because it has reduced various risks, especially that are related to open defecation. These risks include bites from animals such as snakes and sexual violations, for instance, rape cases. Environmental pollutions have also been minimized through proper disposal of wastes, for instance, non-bio gradable, thus creating a conducive environment that favors human settlements. Infectious diseases such as cholera have been minimized in that people rarely defecate in water due to the existence of toilets in their various homesteads, unlike before where they defecate in open places. Also, the decline in infectious diseases is due to the adoption of toilets that have increased the rate of life span among the people. Gender equality has been encouraged through the use of toilets because the majority of the institutions have set aside toilets for men and ladies. Toilets are also important towards the economy of a certain country since it enables them to manufacture tissue papers, which in turn leads to the generation of income by selling to the individuals who are able to purchase it, thus boosting their economy.

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