Conflicts Resolution

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Date:  2021-03-19

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You have just stated that the field of conflict resolution developed more in 1970s as threads that were associates with nuclear increased (Ramsbotham et al. 2011, 35). But is this growth in conflict resolution being felt in the current world? The world is experiencing the almost similar problem as there is civil unrest in countries like Syria, and Yemen. I think this is the time that conflict resolution would have at its peak and more advanced to solve the current world crisis. Another thing is that allows for the systematic and careful examination of the causes of conflict in general. I think it should concentrate more on the solution s compared to causes. There is scenarios where causes have been found but this have not guaranteed the resolution, as it is the case in Syria, the causes are so clear. I think it is the highest time that we focus on conflict prevention rather than resolution as it has failed in various occasions.

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Looking at this post, it is clear that various world event such as WW1 has shaped the development in conflict resolution. Even with this development, such as provision of insight early warning and conflict prevention, there is still much to be done as these developments have failed in some occasions. For instance, how can you say that after establishment of center for research on conflict in 1959, marked drastic changes I conflict resolution and yet they did very little? The conflict that was experienced in countries like Bosnia and Somali in 1990s portrays little impact (Babbitt and Hampson 2011, 47). As much as conflict resolution focuses on the causes of conflict, it is the highest time we should also focus on the factors leading to this causes in order to prevent early build up of conflict. Historically, most of these causes have been the same in some countries that have experienced civil unrest.


The future of ethnic conflict in evolving globalization is going to be successful. Globalization entails the interaction and integration individuals government and companies. These entities can be as influential during negotiation as they are the most affected during the war period. The challenges to prevent ethnic wars that have proved to be the key causes of conflict have been regarded as difficulty (Rasbotham, et al.2011: 402. This does not mean that conflict cannot be solved, in fact, this is should act a base where proper strategies should be put in place to end ethnic conflict while considering the situation on the ground. For instance, there are key influential factors that pile up thus catalyzing ethnic wars and it is the time that this prior factors need to focused before escalating to uncontrollable circumstances that later attract ethnic conflict.


Babbitt, Eileen, and Fen Osler Hampson. "Conflict resolution as a field of inquiry: Practice informing theory." International Studies Review 13, no. 1 (2011): 46-57.

Ramsbotham, Oliver, Hugh Miall, and Tom Woodhouse. 2011. Contemporary Conflict Resolution. Polity.

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