Comparison of Film Version of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland and Original Text

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Date:  2022-05-17

With the growing technology, children are now used to watching rather than reading storybooks as it was some decades ago. When it comes to fairy tale movies, Hollywood cannot get enough even if the public does not portray any sense of interest. Let's take, for instance, the case of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. Brenda Chapman who is the director of Pixar's Brave plans a live-action in the Come Away, the original version of the JM Barrie's Peter Pan together with Lewis Carroll's Alice (Schanoes, 19).

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Over this contextual, the two are considered siblings that are brother and sister respectively. The story revolves around Alice before she departed to Wonderland as well as before Peter befitted Pan. After their brother died in a tragic road accident, the two siblings try to save their parents against oppressing spirals of despair. Finally, the situations force them to choose between imaginary land and their home (Zipes, n.p). This aspect evokes their new life in their iconic journeys to Neverland and Wonderland.

Throughout the text, most parents are happy this. However, the idea of downward spirals of despair and tragic accidents seems too dull and dark for small children. This is because children are more interested in humor or something related. This critic, as well as the commercial failure of Pan, signifies the boredom of the audience in the ideological adaptation of classic stories. Perhaps, experts do advice guardians not to give children this book to read at the age 9 or so unless they really love to read such books (Zipes, n.p). However, when presented to the film version, most children would love to watch them as children Hollywood movies include cartoon-like characters. For example, film version that is much better for kids is The Red Queen, a version of Alice in Wonderland in Burton's works.

There exist many books particularly for children that parents buy but children find it hard to read them. Sadly, most are children collections even though they are clearly illustrated and seem interesting. Most grandparents love to buy these books but end up being kept in the shelves intact. The main reason is the fact that young people currently love staff such as in Diary of a Wimpy Kid in David Walliams collection. As result of these, some publications such as Puffin books issue series of children's masterpieces. In contrary, some few consumers are against these. Most precisely, the Mark Twain style of works covers all the aspects of Peter Pan stories. Further, he passes his works in Disney film in contrary to common storybook (Willems, 270). Most children love this kind of work. On the other side, they find stories in Pickwick Papers incomprehensible.

Some original fashion of children collections seems fascination such that they will love to read them again and again. However, Alice in Wonderland narrated in old-fashioned language as well as outdated sensibility is among the books they hate to read and they end up hiding it behind the bed. The book has been in the marketplace for more than 150 years. Also, it has a wide range of new editions (Zipes, n.p). Additionally, there exist Westwood and frankly publications in the new designer jacket. Getting too deep about the jacket is much boring.

Following this, most authors have opted to try this book in film form to reduce boredom. They found that this is more interesting than reading a whole book. The aspect is trending among many primary schools. However, instead of the whole story, they emphasize in excerpts. In a similar manner, it is advisable to give children at the right age based on the nature of the stories published inside (Willems, 272). Perhaps, some books especially those of children are totally banned from reading up to the age of 16 years or more. Besides Alice in Wonderland, Gulliver's Travels in Swift's genius mockery was never meant for young people.

Part B

Importance and Role of Home in Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland

Through Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland series, the importance of home, as well as its role, is clearly described. As Alice opts to leave home for wonderland, she expects to experience beautiful and happy life. Yes, she expects to witness some kind of utopian that is a place full of cool mountains, bright flowers, and dark halls and beyond. However, this was not the case with her actual experience in the new land; the things turn out to be worst. The name, wonderland, as it suggests a lot about what Alice experience while there (Schanoes, 18). This is because; the name is imaginary, just as she wishes to call it based on her own perception. Through this context, it is clear that home is the most comfortable place irrespective of the circumstances.

She describes the wonderland as a portal to an underworld, which means something next to hell. In addition, the experience she went through was spectral beyond what a normal human can withstand. This description contrasts with her initial expectation of 'Green land'. Generally, wonderland appears paradise when you first hear about it but nothing beyond a dystopian depending on its location particularly when it comes to Queen's hard-hearted governance (Zipes, n.p).

Discuss the Role of Fairy Tales in Peter Pan and Alice and Wonderland

Fairy tales play a critical role in children's life. For instance, a small girl tries to comfort Peter while away from his home. She gives him handkerchief but seems not sure how to use it. Subsequently, the girls try to experiments to him how to use the handkerchief. That is to mean the girl wipes her eyes with it, then she presents back to him. However, Peter wipes the girl's eyes instead (Willems, 269). Surprisingly, the young girl had to assume that was all she meant. With respect to this, it is clear that one's beliefs, feelings as well as knowledge are totally different from that of another person. These are the major aspects of understanding human complexity relationships. It is essential for children to learn this while they are still young.

Also, it helps in illustrating the central stages of childhood development. This is done by observing relations between two different children with diverse characteristics. For example, Peter Pan works especially 'Theory of Mind' further explains the failure to deploy a theory of mind clearly shows some critical signs of autism.

Dr. Rosalind Ridley who is Neuroscientist explains the oddity as well as the magic of fairy tales in captivating children. This results in mysterious grasp especially when it comes to human cognitive development. They also help in the development of reasoning and thinking skills that enhance learning, problem-solving capability and memory capacity.

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