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How you Became you is one recognized piece of art in the form of writing that has captured the attention of many people. In this art, the writer has had the ability to understand the various concepts that exist in the field of science by basically analyzing the human brain and the means through which it operates over different circumstances. According to the author, the means through which an individual develops to get to the point that he is at is a consequence of the actions that he or she takes. Another book that the contemporary learning environment has had the pleasure of learning through is titled, on living in a Cold Country. In this book, the author talks about the life story of a young man and the state that he was growing up. Moreover, there exists an analysis of the life of this person and how they have managed to survive through the disappointments that they have faced. Going through these two books is one of the most efficient ways through which one can get to understand the viewpoints of different artists or rather authors that share the same viewpoint. Despite the fact that the two books have an approximate agenda, it is imperative to understand that some of the concepts that they bear are divergent at some point. Moreover, the manner in which the authors present the book is one of the ways through which readers get to understand the differences excising between the authors.

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In How You Became You, the author focuses on the issue from a completely different point of view. According to the author, the main reason why humans behave in a particular manner is because of their cellular structure and causes many people to generally have a need of appreciation as compared to others. The cellular structure has the consequent effect of having the entire body behaving in ways that many people fail to understand. On Living in a Cold Country, is another work that focuses on the issue of expectations of human beings too. According to the book, many human beings depend on other people for their survival and consequently fail to reach the potential that they are meant to get to eventually. However, inspiration is a normal aspect in the contemporary environment. When people get inspiration to carry out various activities they get the belief that they can manage to accomplish the various tasks. It is important to understand that this creates an atmosphere of challenge that makes people look for ways through which they can conquer the challenge ahead. The consequent of the challenge is having many people increasing in hope and consequently they fail to achieve their goals due to excessive belief. The concept brought about in this is one that shows a major difference in the approach in which the two authors sought to understand the issue. It is notable that they had the same notion or rather the same idea in mind but the presentation of the issue is quite different thus portraying the actual contrast.

A similarity between the two stories is also present. Upon going through the two stories, it is vital to understand the fact that they both seek to show the effect through which the mind of an individual can have an effect on the performance and the future response of an individual. The first book, How You Become You, is one that dwells on the changes that take place in the human body regarding the changing influences that the body may have from the outside. The book discusses the shifts made by an atom in the body and the subsequent effect that this has on the body. According to this book, many activities may take place in the body and some of them may not alter the means through which an individual acts and this is most notable in short term memories. However, when looking at the issue and the body from a long-term point of view, one identifies that some minor changes in the body system changes the manner through which neutrons in the brain respond and consequently lead to changes in the person's persona. The same case applies to On Living in a Cold Country.

Another similarity is how the book critically discusses the changes that a human being has regarding the expectations that he or she has which is also witnessed in the first book. However, the analysis made by these people is not quite comprehensive in a biological form of way. It is important to understand that despite this, the author gives efficient and real-life experiences to show the changes that take place so that one can change their idea about something. Some of the reasons given in the book is high dependence on people that later fail a person and some of them are because of pure lack of independence in thought prior to the understandings created by the world. The two books offer a reader a critical and concise view of the world from two different but yet very similar perceptions.

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