Comparing the Human Brain With Machines Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-06


Machines such as computers cannot think well then the mind of human beings. The human mind is special and unique in its way. Unlike the machines, the human mind thinks on its own with the help of the brain without the need to rely on other external factors. Additionally, machines tend to be emotionless based on the activities that they do, and the person uses them. The decision by the mind comes typically from the brain and can think what is right and that, which is wrong. I, therefore disagree with the Turing claims and presentation about the state of mind.

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The human mind will never be an enemy but will forever remain to be the best friends that lead and determines a person's step of action. The mind has a feeling and the ability to think of every aspect of life-based on what is good and that, which is bad (Card 296). Human conciseness plays a fundamental role in most of the decisions that human makes in their lives and is such a special source of information that gives way out on key issues that concerns a person's level of thinking and reasoning. An individual who understands the states of the mind tends to think and argue in the rightful directions. The human mind will always fluctuate based on a person's ability to make moral decisions. The mind has to think and make judgments especially when a person is in a state of restless. It shows that the mid may be at a pendulum state and unstable state especially the moment that things appear not to settle (Minazzi 12). Additionally, the mind can also be forgetful based on the underlying thoughts and what a person has on his mind. During when the mind is in a restless position, a person should avoid thinking of many things that might hinder the ability to explore other factors.

The position of the Author with Clear Arguments

Turing played a fundamental role in developing an idea that computers like any other machines are functions much better than the Huma being in many ways. He also believed that unlike machines, Turing major idea, and the reason behind his reasoning is that the mental. Machines work better than human works and can operate with minimal pressures, unlike the human. Besides, the fact that machines can hold or store a lot of information makes it much better as compared to the man. He argues that he would rather go for the machine and not the human mind that he believes is prone to challenges that might affect how a person thinks and the kind of the decisions that people make. The computers play a fundamental role in giving key explanations on how the mind operates and how activities of the brain functions.

Turing is known for his major contribution for the artificial intelligence (AI) even though his major contributions to science are well known. Turing also believes that machines are better than the mind of a person, which might not be true given that the mind is even known to be the better part of human thinking and reasoning (Castelfranchi 33). It is through the brain that human used to create the machines and can operate them. Additionally, Turing believes that the human relies on the ability of the computers to function and to work effectively which might not be the same. Turing also believes that both the human brain and the machine can solve and work together and solve the same problems. What the human brain can do the machines are likely to do it much better. Just like the way the human brain can work and solve complex arithmetical, likewise to the machines can help work out such complex procedures more effectively. The only worry is that machines are prone to damages and other casualties that are much likely to affect their operational ability to work. Most importantly, both the machines and the mind are governed by a set of rules and that help in the overall process of functioning and the ability to reach a precise conclusion.

Why I disagree with the Argument

The reason why I disagree with Turing mental states argument on machine intelligence is that thinking is an immortal human function of the soul. Human has a brain, which performs the role of giving knowledge. However, Turing claims that God could provide souls to machines. According to my view, God cannot give human-made objects the knowledge similar to that of human beings. Human power usually control Computers, therefore, cannot have intelligence comparable to that of a human. Machines have no brains hence unable to withstand intelligence.

Most are electrocuted and fed by computer orders to operate. It is even wrong to compare machines with human brains, as they are entirely different. Human has common sense used to monitor their daily activities without the use of computer skills while machines have to be fed with a memory card to enhance their performances. Moreover, the effects of machines thinking are terrible to consider. Humans control machines to their ability and skills; therefore, they cannot be alike in regards to thinking. Besides, human beings are superior to anything else in the universe. They were entitled with the knowledge to monitor other creatures including machines.

Machines do not have feelings, which are controlled by the human brain. Therefore, they cannot communicate despite having a memory card. They lack emotions like grief, depression, pleasure while humans experience all sorts of arousing changes. The argument is a denial of the human mind validity. Machines are usually equipped with a sonnet that imitates human language and behavior. It does not guarantee an intelligence response since everything comes from the human mind. I agree that machines cannot be intelligence and it is unworthy to compare it with human brains. The human brain can distinguish between positive and negative activities whereas machines depend on the memory files. They lack consciousness, as they do not have any mental states capacity. Mental states are an independent character that is comparable and manipulated categorically. The zombies are equivalent to the machine that requires human effort to facilitate orders.

My Views on the Light of Objection

The argument suggests that machines can be said to be intelligent if they can fall in love, make mistakes and corrections, and have a sense of humor without any human assistance. However, there is no evidence to support these allegations since machines cannot work on their own without human effort. Although they make mistakes and do corrections, it is upon the human-made memory card. The intelligent human mind usually performs and creates original actions and objects respectively. On the other hand, machines do not produce innovative ideas as human controls their capabilities.

Machines cannot be intelligence as they produce biasing results at times due to their thinking variation. They depend on the type of work and memory card installed to perform any work. Besides, they mostly depend on electric sources, as they cannot work without power. However, it is hard to familiarize with the set of rules that governs the human behavior. To create an intelligent machine, one requires knowing the set of conditions the human mind uses to produce a practical outcome. Again, human's behaviors are different with machines as the brain regulates all the activities. They also do not necessarily need any monitoring from other people as they can perform their duties appropriately. On the contrary, machines are cost-effective and require codes of standardization. Their maintenance fee is also very high since they need regular repairs to avoid defaults.


Generally, it is very unethical to compare the human brain with machines. Human is created to be in control of everything including modeling machines to perform duties. Therefore, machines can never be termed as intelligent because they utilize human skills and knowledge. People invent machines with the purpose to ease their work primarily in complex situations. However, they are essential as they facilitate and help to produce useful results. They detect mistakes, which are invisible with the naked eyes helping to reduce the level of poor outcomes. They are also vital when solving complex problem especially mathematical calculations as it only requires instructions to follow.

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