Compare and Contrast Two Stories

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Date:  2021-03-01

It is not possible to change some physical parts. Hence, everyone needs to deal with such issues without being concerned with how the society perceives it. Some people have an issue with one of their physical parts or appearance in the public due to pressure from the society causing one to make an effort to improve their looks. This has resulted in people looking for artificial ways to fix their odd looks. Two stories illustrate the lives of people who achieved better looks after struggles in the society. These stories have similarities as well as differences.

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My inner shrimp by Garry Trudeau explains that a person should accept their appearance as it is. Garry is short, and this was an issue while he was in high school. Other students bullied him due to his appearance. He never attended sports such as athletics, and he had a challenging social life all because of his height. He later becomes taller which builds his confidence, especially in public. My new nose by Dan Barden illustrates the cosmetic surgery Dan underwent because he had breathing difficulties. Unfortunately, the surgery was not a success and his breathing condition became worse making his nose look as if he had been boxing for quite some time. This made him feel bad about his looks, and he thought of having a second surgery. The second surgery was successful making his breathing better, and he achieved his aim to have an appealing nose.

From the two stories, we find that Garry and Dan were not happy with their appearance. Garry had a problem with his height, as he was short. Dan, on the other hand, did not like his nose especially after his first surgery that made it look like he had been in a fight. It is also evident that they were both embarrassed about their looks. In high school, Garry was mistaken to be a sixth-grade student and others called him a midget. As for Dan, people thought he was a boxer because of how his nose looked like. He told people he was a boxer to fake his embarrassment. Eventually, both Dan and Garry are happy with their appearances. Dan gets a perfect nose hence never worries about it again. Before Garry graduated, he grew six inches tall that made him confident of his looks.

The two stories have differences. Garry felt insecure about his height unlike Dan who did not like his nose. Garry was called a midget while Dan was told that he was a boxer. To change his height, Garry tried hanging off doorframes, doing assorted exercise and sleeping on his back. Dan, on the other hand, sought help from a surgeon to change the appearance of his nose. Garry's condition recovered naturally because he grew to six inches tall. Dan's condition did not heal naturally, and he had to undergo another surgery to solve it that was successful and he was happy with his new look.

In conclusion, Garry and Dan did not like their appearance. The society added salt to injury by criticizing their looks that made them feel worse about themselves. They were both embarrassed about their looks. They later achieved what they had longed for as Garry became taller while Dan underwent a successful surgery that changed the appearance of his nose. The two stories have differences as Garry's story illustrates about his fight to achieving a considerable height while Dan wants a better nose. We should not allow the society to influence the way we feel about our looks.

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