Compare and Contrast Essay Example: Country Life vs. City Life

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Date:  2021-04-20

A former San Diego City College student explored the intriguing subject of Country life vs City life. The essay delves into the contrasts and comparisons between these two lifestyles, providing insights valuable for anyone grappling with the decision to choose between the tranquility of the countryside or the opportunities of city living. This example, "Comparing and Contrasting City Life to Country Life," is published to guide students' endeavors.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: Country Life vs City Life
  2. Environment: Comparing and Contrasting
  3. Economic Opportunities in City Life
  4. Country Life: Cost Considerations
  5. Social Life: City vs Country


County life and City life offer two different lifestyles which significantly affect how people live. The difference in the type of living includes the environment, economic opportunities, and the quality of social life. People often have varying opinions while choosing between the country and city life. Some argue that city life is the best place to live at since it offers many economic and social opportunities over the country life; while other thinks that the country life is the best place to live due to its relaxed environment. Both city and country life have important features that can help people choose where they are more likely to live a happy and prosperous life.


The environment is the most differing feature between the country and the city life. The countryside has less pollution and noise due to fewer factories and population. The city life is more populated with more factories and automobiles which significantly contribute to noise and pollution. People living in the countryside are much closer to the gifts of nature and thus in additions to the fresh breathing air have the privilege to eat fresh foods harvested directly from the farms. On the contrary, in the city life farm produce foods such as vegetable, fruits, and animal products are usually stored with perseverative and can pose serious health harms. The fact that the country life offer less polluted air, clean water, and food make it more ideal place for healthy living.

Economic Opportunities

The city life offers many economic opportunities and advantages as compared to the countryside which relies heavily on agricultural economic activities. The use and availability of modern technologies such as in communication, transportation gives the city life an added advantage over the countryside. These technologies used in various sectors of economy offers the city residents more job opportunities, as compared to the smaller job market in the country. While people in the countryside depend on their farm for a living, the city residents find it easier to adjust to different job opportunities. Since the cities have many large companies and factories, jobs and economic opportunities are more in comparison to the countryside.

In spite of having more job and economic opportunities, the cost of living in the city is much higher than the country. Good in the city especially food and housing are more expensive in the city. Though the country life has fewer economic opportunities as compared to the city life, it is less costly since most people have less financial expenses.

Social Life

The quality of social life in the city and countryside is a debatable topic and usually, vary on an individual basis. Many people believe that the city life offers tumultuous and quality social life in all life areas including, professional, intellectual, emotional, physical, and entertainment. The city life offers a greater number of possibilities in all social life areas. People in the city can gain more versatile social knowledge as compared to the countryside. The success of ones professional life leads to a successful social life. People living in the city get the opportunity to meet and interact with other people of different nationality, social background, culture, and regional beliefs on a daily basis. Different and many social places available in the city such as museums, parks, bars, stadiums, zoos, theaters, cinemas allows city residents to broaden their social lives.


There are many different factors to consider while comparing the country life and the city life. The lifestyle in the country and city life differs in terms of factors such as economic opportunities, social life, and environmental factors. People living in the city have less control on the quality of their environment as compared to residents in the countryside. On the other hand, people residing in the city are presented with a wide variety of economic opportunities and social life than residents in the countryside.

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