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Date:  2023-03-27


I received your email indicating a non-formal complaint made by one of my employees. This letter is in response to the complaint alleging that employees performing welding operations have inadequate ventilation. The employee is for sure not happy with the condition within the company and I pledge to sit down with them and have a discussion on how to improve the place of work. I, however, believe that the complaint lacks merit and does not warrant an OSHA inspection.

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As stipulated by the OSHA regulations, certain thresholds must be met before an inspection can be formally conducted. In this situation, however, there are no many precise details to indicate that the employees are indeed in danger making the complaint not worthy of consideration. The allegations of physical harm within the organization do not exist because employees have been assisted continuously to maintain safety as they perform their duties. There are indeed some challenges, and with that, the organization will seek to improve on the conditions of the area.

Only one employee has filed a complaint making this invalid because the majority of the employees know their rights. Employees within the organization can air their complaints to the administration without fear, and the issue of ventilation can be handled accordingly. Ventilation also depends on several factors and the employee might not be aware. It is, however, essential to note that employees might not be comfortable but that does not make the complaint valid. The complaint is also invalid because it fails to note that the company usually responds to the issues raised by the employees, as is evident in the dust mask given. The challenge, however, is employees not opening about this issue with the organization distortion as most of the issues can be quickly sorted without the OSHA inspection taking place.

In OSHA's priority criteria, this complaint falls in the third category of employee complaints and referrals. The employee, in this case, is making a nonformal complaint to the OSHA officers. The employee in this case aims to push the employee to improve ventilation conditions by promoting an inspection making this complaint fall in this category.

What makes this complaint formal is that there is no written signing to the OSHA are officers informing them of the situation. The complaint also could be more formal if there could be an official report stating that there is an imminent danger to the employees.

The letter could have been formal if it was signed by employees and cases of employees being in danger documented and recorded. This is including video recordings showing employees coughing and experiencing lots of difficulties as they perform their duties. Another way in which the complaint would have had weight is if there was evidence that the organization was not concerned about improving the safety of its welding employees.

To identify employees who made a complaint, one must first seek to improve the safety environment in this case welding environment. Secondly on must listen very well to what they have so say about the work environment and respond swiftly. It is through this good deed that employees will open up about the situation and even apologize thus revealing the complainant.

If the complaint becomes formal, the organization must quickly respond with a letter highlighting the measures put in place to improve ventilation. Documented d evidence must be attached to show the organization has made and effort to tackle the problem.

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