Community Problem-Solving Paper

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Date:  2022-12-19


In every community where people live and do their daily activities, there must be criminal and problems that arise day by day. Most of these problems always end up too many people losing their properties and others even losing their lives. Since these problems are part of their daily lives, they have to be hard and know ways of dealing with the issues. The community should be able to come up with the law enforcement authority that helps them to deal with the problems.

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These problems if not handled will bring chaos in the community and people may run away from doing businesses in the community; thus the economy of the community will be affected and will render the community remaining undeveloped.

Problem Identification

Just recently in 2015 in the neighborhood of Anaheim, the community has been experiencing a massive rate of crime among the people of the community (Downs, 2010). There have been many cases of gangs, rape cases, and some graffiti. Many people were being robbed, killed, stabbed, and being shot by the groups and robbers.

At the edges of many walls of the community, there were many sad and funny drawings depicting a lousy picture to the community. These drawings could include sketches of naked arts of people, Illuminati sign and some funny drawings which tend to taint the community image.

Law Enforcement and Changes

These forms of crimes go on for a while and to fight for these vices, the department of police in the community assigns the police to deal with the cases in the society. The cops who were appointed there managed to identify and detained more than four hundred individuals within the six months of the period they were in the place (Peak, Gaines, & Glensor,2004). Though many people were arrested, the cases of crimes tend to be occurring daily, and this form of law enforcement seems not to be functioning well, and there was a need of new implementation be applied.

Upon realization that the evils are still increasing day by day, the police department decided to seek out help from the community to help in the eradication of these immoralities in the society. Among the evils that were emerging day by day were new gangs and graffiti in the community's walls.

The police conducted interviews with the members of the society to know the leading cause of these evils. For the first case of gangs and robbery, after the discussion with the public members, the police were able to identify the causes and those who are involved in evil doing. According to the members, this form of crimes always occurs in the streets near banks and Automated Teller Machines services. The cases are done by a group of the gang who hides on the dark areas or places where there are no street lights near the ATMs and banks.

These gangs always target those innocent individuals who visit the bank and ATMs to get some money and immediately after they are done with their transaction the group rob them their belongings and if they resist they are killed through stabbing by a knife. The members added that some of the gangs possess dangerous weapons such as daggers and guns.

On the case of the graffiti during the interview, the public members identify that the graffiti taggers always target isolated and dark areas where people do not pass there often. These are areas where the buildings converge and thus leaving a small space and also places where it is poorly lit.

Due to the identified reasons within the community, the police department decided to work hand in hand with police to reduce this crimes rate. Within the year this the department put in place a succession plan which aims at reducing the immorality with a significant percentage. After they identified that the law enforcement set in place would not help at reducing the evils in the society as the new cases keep on emerging and the members of the community were of great help in reducing the crimes.

After the interview with members of the community, police noticed that they would help in assisting the police as they know the hideouts of the gangs and they would be of great help to police while putting the necessary actions.

As the assignment of police as law enforcers in the community could not help at reducing these crimes, there was a need for change. In the case of robbery, the police unit demanded that the banks should build walls around the ATMs and banking serves points which could act as barriers and will hard for people to identify everything that happens inside the premises and who is inside for whatever service.

Also, parking places should be well secured and well lit. Police also demanded that security surveillance such as Closed Circuit Television and video recorder should be installed in the area to capture and records every movement in the place.

For the case of graffiti, every dark places and street should be mast with lights to make the site more visible. Also, the affected areas should be fitted with motion detection mechanisms that always identify every movement taking place in the place. The police also demanded that the environment around the place should be cleared and well- design (Fleissner & Heinzelmann,1996).

Apart from these mechanisms the community was also to be involved in ensuring that the crime rate is reduced in the area. These police enforcement and community enforcement did reduce the crime but not to the expected level. To add up to these mechanisms police were to work strictly and closely with the community. The police were also expected to educate the public about the need of working together to identify and deal with the criminals in the area and teach them that it was not the work of police only to deal with them (Miller, Hess, & Orthmann,2013). This mutual working together between police and the community seems to eradicate the crimes in the society. This plan was successful, and thus everyone was to enlisted to be part of ensuring the security is upheld in the community.

Benefits and Potential Negatives from Changes

These proposed changes brought up the most favorable results to the members of the community. It will help to eradicate crimes and thus help the neighborhood to be a safe place where an individual can do his business and travel without any worries. It also helps to reduce the many death of individuals in society.

The removal of graffiti in the community helps to make the neighborhood as clean as possible. The potential negatives from the changes are that the police may not do their job as required but leaving the entire responsibility of dealing with crime to the public members.


In conclusion, law enforcement in society will be more effective and work to maximum when the public members are involved in the process. Public members act as the eyes of the police unit as they know the hiding places of the criminals and they can quickly identify them and report them to the relevant authority.

Eradication of the crimes in the society will encourage many people to live in the place and do their business. It will also encourage foreign investors into the community where they come and invest thus making the community grow and develop.


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