Communication Dynamics: Embrace Change, Express Ideas More Efficiently

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Date:  2023-06-07

Following the class discussion on communication dynamics, the core message was that, during communication with other people, there is a likelihood to experience a shift or change in communication forces. Embracing communication dynamics makes it possible for an individual to express their ideas more efficiently. Due to human perception, nature, communication cannot be considered to be a static process (Berk-Seligson, 2017). Therefore, communication between individuals can be said to be dependent on human perception hence continually changing. Some of the common forms of communication include practical discussion used by most employers when recruiting new employees. It is essential for a company with communication training programs for their employees to embrace the ongoing communication trends to achieve better interaction results.

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Effective communication is built on focused missions, excellent communication, and reliable organization. Observing communication dynamics within an organization can be critical in developing a strategic plan, assessing and establishing employee search criteria (Binder, 2016). Most companies actively use communication as the only method for fostering the company's image. Department faculties can carry out meeting which may need effective management and neutral coordination, even inadequate staff.

There is a direct correlation between the method under articulation and effective communication. From the communication dynamics explanation, there exist forces that result in a shift in dialogue with other individuals. Using current technologies such as press, web, and PowerPoint are likely to convey the intended information. Establishing an active connection determines whether the response is given is valid. Developing a correct response is one of the most challenging aspects, yet the most fundamental aspect of the disclosure. Embracing active listening skills gives room for effective response allowing for the reflection of the speaker's perspectives and concept. It is, therefore, essential to ensure all the vital values and customs, as well as to observe communication ethics, are considered when communicating with others.

Explain some of the ways to communicate when interacting with people who may have different customs and values.

There has been a spectated increasing number of immigrants whose origins have and speak different languages. Due to this, the laws guiding the communications should be re-evaluated to determine the extent to which the immigrants can express the rights to communicate, express oneself, and speech. Law enforcement agencies should work on all the possible ways to demolish the disadvantages attributed to the presence of having unfamiliar languages in criminal justice. On some occasions, a victim or witness may fail to describe a lawbreaker while reporting a crime because they are disadvantaged by the language barrier. Also, a person can be disadvantaged to defend themselves in criminal justice because of having different languages and values.

Due to this fact, it is hard for an officer to gather the required evidence, and in return, it becomes tedious for justice to prevail. On such occasions, the chain of activities and mostly to the police officers become extremely tough. They work under pressure in an event where an immigrant's language could be interpreted and saved time. Below are the ways that can help in overcoming language and situation barriers when dealing with people from all walks of the world in a criminal justice setting (Herbst & Walker, 2001). They would help to communicate with diversified people.

Through the offering, language classes to police officers would be useful to help communicate with diversified people and reduce the language gap within time. If law enforcers learn and have an understanding of what other people believe in, it would be of much help to both parties. There would also be fewer misunderstandings between the parties. Through the language classes, multiple policer officers learn criminal words, terminologies, coded information, and warnings, among other vital communication elements that would be relevant in handling criminal justice. Through attending and learning foreign languages would be advantageous to officers who integrate with witnesses like when conducting an investigation.

Different police departments should have an interpreter. As much as a police officer could also have diversified officers, it is vital to have a person who has specialized in multilingual services. The interpreter would be availed to ensure smooth communication between a police officer and a victim or a lawbreaker who understands the different languages. The interpreter is not entitled to conduct and administer direct questions to the client. They are supposed to translate the needed items to both parties, the police officer and the client, so that they have a professional understanding. An interpreter would be reliable than a client using their relatives to translate for them, as they may help them.

Discuss the use of certified interpreters in a criminal justice setting.

The sole purpose of an interpreter is to ensure smooth communication between a client and law enforcement agencies. They assist in eliminating the language barrier in the administration of criminal justice by acting as bridges between the law enforcement departments and clients. An interpreter should be equipped with different skills and experiences. The hired interpreter should have expertise in matters about family, traffic, court proceedings, and homicide cases, among others. They are supposed to have a broad understanding of how the claims are handled.

A court interpreter connects and ensures a smooth flow of court proceedings. They act as a link between the English speaking individuals and those who do not speak or understand English in the legal court setting. The experience of an interpreter is essential as they are the ones who ensure that no party takes advantage of the other (Berk-Seligson, 2017). In many countries, the assistance provided by interpreters is seen as usual activity. An interpreter should be available or should be availed as it is a client's right to know all the details about how the process of administrating criminal justice occurs. Due to the increased number of immigrants, the demand for interpreters has also increased. Immigration has complicated criminal proceedings as in some events, a client would request for an interpreter who would be absent following the increased demand for them. The limited availability of the interpreters would then lead to delays in administering justice (Berk-Seligson, 2017).

There have been occasions where court proceedings have been postponed, adjourned, and re-adjourned following the situation created by a limited number of interpreters. The available interpreters may also fail to attain the level of professionalism required and would not be of assistance. Lack of coordinating interpretation services would cost the court, police officer, and client's time. A defendant who is out of custody would suffer and waste a lot of time after arriving at court and fails to find an interpreter. Therefore, the best way to offer and ensure timely professional interpreter services is by allowing all law enforcement agencies to collaborate and guaranteeing an adequate number of interpreters (Berk-Seligson, 2017).


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