Color Me Camo: Evaluation Paper

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Date:  2022-10-15


Color Me Camo has a role to develop and listen to the women veteran through peer to peer counseling hence assisting them to return home. Color Me Camo integrated business plan will be based on the variety of marketing communication planning which is meant to add value to the organization. The unified marketing communication for Color Me Camo integrates the functions of the organization with the advertisement that serves best for the agencies. Since without planning and a sound strategy the organization cannot go anywhere, Color Me Camo uses the concept of marketing planning with the recognized comprehensive plan which is capable of evaluating the strategic roles of various communication disciplines. The organization focuses on women veterans and providing them with mental health services Marketing Plans, Seventh Edition presents a practical, no-nonsense style and approach that helps and encourages practicing managers with the difficult task of marketing planning. This helpful text illustrates the process of preparing a marketing plan, how to manage that process, and how to put the plan in action. The new edition has been thoroughly updated with contemporary thinking and includes new information on multi-channel integration and other new electronic routes to market. All case material and examples have also been revised. This book is the market leader on the topic. Now heading into its 7e its popularity speaks for itself - USP: The book is a rigorous step-by-step guide on how to do marketing planning. The step-by-step approach is taken within each chapter, and from chapter to chapter. The book includes application questions, exercises at the end of every chapter, and mini-case studies. - An online student resource is available as an accompaniment to the book. Detailed guidelines on how to implement all the concepts and methodologies outlined in the book to literally handhold the reader throughout the process. With the services based on the disease control and prevention, the Color Me Camo offers to the women veterans, the active and reserve group services, the veteran under 45 group services, veteran 45 and older group services as well as the retired group services. For-profit executives use business models-such as "low-cost provider" or "the razor and the razor blade"- as a shorthand way to describe and understand the way companies are built and sustained. Nonprofit executives, to their detriment, are not as explicit about their funding models and have not had an equivalent lexicon-until now "author".

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The Color Me Camo objectives, the direct response as well as the public relations provide the clarity for maximum consistency as well as communication impacts. The concept of integrated communication ensures there are individual efforts for reinforcement of the effects. As a result, the targets of Color Me Camo functionality should be based on the scheduled media and timing. The today competitive economic environment is a concern for Color Me Camo with the challenge in the communication of the organization. Since Color Me Camo is not like a tangible product where a single benefit leads to the achievement of several goals, it requires an elaborate communication plan. Therefore, Color Me Camo has set multiple objectives that might be difficult to measure.

Mission Statement

The mission of Color Me Camo is to help in carrying the word that the silent wounds of being a women service member both in war and peace time require no experience. Color Me Camo has a mission of working with the selected program that serves the physical, mental and behavioral health hence functional support of women veterans that are experiencing addiction and co-occurring issues that are related to the traumatic stress, military sexual assault, and depression. The mission intends to facilitate recovery through increased access to mental health and social services for women.

Corporate Objectives

Color Me Camo focuses on developing and listening to women veteran through the peer to peer counseling. The mission of Color Me Camo is to help in carrying the word that the silent wounds of being a woman service member, both in war and peacetime does not have to be experienced alone. Color Me Camo aims at working with the selected programs to serve the physical, mental as well as the behavioral health for supporting the women veteran who have the addiction issues and other issues related to the post-traumatic stress, military sexual assault as well as depression. As a result, the overall corporate objective aims at facilitating the recovery of the veteran women through access to the mental health and social services for women. Also, the corporate has goals of developing the peer to peer support structure model which is transferable across the country. It also has the aim of designing connections with the community partners hence providing services both online and in person to grow the outreach initiative - moreover, the corporate purposes at implementing the program improvement and accountability procedures which includes the process and outcomes evaluation.

Through the defined objectives of the Color Me Camo corporate, there is the creation of awareness for the corporate hence best services that drive the website traffic thus generating opportunities that meet the audience's needs. Also, with the objectives in place, there is more insight into the corporate to build a marketing strategy, develop an action hence defining its measurable results. Since Color Me Camo has developed its objectives based on the SMART format since they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound, it is accountable for them. Therefore, the women veterans are served with the organization on seeking to engage the public on the universal health concerns

The integrated marketing plans of Color Me Camo influence the target audience since the objectives indicate the audience needs motivates them to act. Also, with the goals containing the facts that the audiences have to be aware of and be willing to perform about the feelings and attitudes, Color Me Camo has established its objectives on the quantified measures. Therefore, the established objectives recognize the subsequent decisions for the marketing strategies which is vital for providing clear direction as well as budget projection.

Marketing Audit

The integrated marketing plan of Color Me Camo provides a consistent flow of high-quality services with the opportunities that drive its growth. With the particular target of the environment ranging from the competitors that are from the Service Women's Action Network (SWAN), Attitudes, and Attire, Dress for Success to the Wounded Warrior Project. The also, the marketing auditing for Color Me Camo is customer based on the influx of deployment of the military soldiers returning from various campaigns as well as the demand for peer to peer counseling. Other external factors Color Me Camo audits include the demographic trends...

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