Code of Conduct and Managing Business Information Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-19

Share your assessment of the importance of utilizing a code of ethics to direct solid business decision making when managing business information and information systems.

Social media and the internet ecosystem as a whole is one of the latest inventions that can be considered a necessary evil. It helps in connecting people but is also another major loophole that can be exploited by cyber criminal. Having a code of ethics surrounding the use of social media such as the limitation on the amount and nature of information shared over the social media can significantly help in controlling the employee's use of social media both at work and out of work.

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Secondly, having a code of ethics surrounding information systems and information technology cha help in preventing identity theft, misuse or misappropriation of intellectual property right, and ensuring workplace privacy. Additional, code of ethics within the organization can help in protecting the organization from legal actions arising from software privacy as the employees would be warned from downloading, using, sharing or selling copyrighted software. Finally, there are a lot of digital products that can be easily downloaded from the internet but are protected by copyright and patent. The company should have in place a code of ethics to protect it and the employees from copyright and patent infringement lawsuits.

Provide 2 or 3 examples of the code of conduct/ethics policies related to the use and management of information and information systems.

Employees are not allowed to download, share, and copy or distribute company data and information unless allowed by the CIO. The employee is individually responsible for the information they share distribute and communicate and the company would not accept responsibility for the inappropriate sharing of information or missus of company infuriation

The company is responsible for the software's it has purchased and would not allow employs to use copyrighted and patented software. Any consequences as a result of software misuse will be treated with strictness they deserve and may include termination of contract (Hina & Dominic, 2018).

Describe how you, as a manager, will ensure that your conduct and the conduct of your employees. What specific steps can you take, and how will you serve as a role model?

One of the most important strategies that can effectively help in ensuring that employees' action is aligned with the ethical standards of the company is to train the employees and publish ethical standards (code of ethics) that everyone must follow within the company. Secondly, have in place an ethical and compliance officer within the company that would oversee ethical conducts and implement disciplinary measures for those who breach ethical standards within the company would also be effective (Bick & Muller, 1980). Personally, I would ensure that each employee is served with a copy of the code of ethical and secondly, I would also ensure that I demonstrate the highest level of compliance with the code of ethics


Bick, W., & Muller, P. (1980). Information systems and information behaviour sociologicalbases of information policies, BMFT FB ID 79-01. Information Systems, 5(3), 247. doi: 10.1016/0306-4379(80)90035-6

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