Coaching Training Strategies Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-13

1. 8 common training strategies

There exist a various number of different types of training that can be used for employee engagement. These training are adopted in all the steps in managing the training process. Some of the training strategies that have been adopted in the recent past include technology training as the most current one.

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a. Technology Training

Technology training is a kind of training that is significant and meant for teaching the new workers the technological aspects of the job. For example, in the retail sector, technical training may involve training an employee on how to use computer systems in connecting with customers.

b. Skills training

This is the type of training that include proficiencies that are required to ensure that a job is correctly done. This includes administrative assistant in which one is trained on how they can answer the phone.

c. Quality training

Quality training is considered to be extremely significant since it involves familiarizing workers with the means of detecting, eliminating and preventing non-quality items. It usually happens in organizations that are working to produce a product. Training workers on quality standards such as ISO standards can work in offering a competitive advantage.

d. Professional Training

Professional training, on the other hand, involve a different type of training that is needed to be up to date in an individual professional field. For example, a personal fitness trainer will go through yearly certifications to stay up to date.

e. Legal training

It is important to note that organizations spend in training their workers on some of the laws that are relating to their industry. When this is not done, organization and even people may incur fines due to ignorance

f. Team training

The goal of team training is to come up with a cohesiveness among the team individuals in allowing them to get to know each other and building a relationship between them. This is a process in place to empower skills in achieving business results.

g. Safety training

It is important to note that safety training is a kind of training that takes place in ensuring the workers are protected from injuries that are resulted by work-related accident.

h. Interpersonal training

Interpersonal training is important in equipment workers to focus their relationship with others to ensure a high level of productivity.

2. What is coaching? When is it most likely to be successful?

Coaching is all about learning some of the significant skills that are important in improving the performance or even to make one prepare in advance. Coaching is likely to be successful when a coach is knowledgeable and understands the whole is important also for the trainee to feel valued in the process so that they can train hard and boost their general performance.

3. Identify elements of the appraisal process

Performance appraisal is a very significant process in human resource management which involves organizations rating their employees' abilities to perform and ensure that employees worth is assessed. Some of the element of appraisal include self-appraisal that involves a process that works on encouraging the employees on taking liability on their performance. On the other hand, employee initiate review is a significant element where an employee is informed that they can ask for a review from their manager. This review can hence be used for consistent communication between the manager and the staffs. Additionally, the 360-degree feedback is an element of a performance appraisal process that suggest that the feedback on employee's performance is provided by the manager and various individual and even departments who are interacting with each other. Finally, management by objective is a very important approach to management and employees are in place to jointly set targets and goals that can be achieved within a given period of time.

4. Identify the spillover effect and contrast error

Spillover effect is identified as the impact that are seemingly unrelated events one nation can possess on the economies of other countries. Even though there exist positive spillover impacts, the term is commonly related to the adverse effect a domestic event posse on other parts of the globe. On the other hand, the contrast error usually takes place in a mistake that is caused by the impact of the previously appraised applicant on the interviewer.

5. Application

As a human resource manager, it is important to understand that trait-based appraisal will work on evaluating the general type of personality that the police officers are possessing. This will play an important role in making the correction and public evaluation. Regarding behavior-based appraisal I will focus on what the police officers are doing instead of what they are producing. This will give me a better understanding of the general results. Finally, an outcome-based appraisal is important in evaluating the police officers based on the results and not the overall process; this will provide an opportunity for the police officers to be more productive.

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