Clothes R Us - Company's Analysis Example

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Clothes R Us has existed for over a decade now and grown to be identified as a major supplier chain internationally. At its onset, the pioneers and CEOs were in charge of selling and also controlling of various operations of the company. The clothes came with increased benefits to the customers. The customers spent less time in searching for the right clothes and they were affordable. Most of the customers left the store happy and satisfied. Increased customers led to rapid growth and this resulted in a tremendous growth in terms of annual sales and income.

The customized loose human resource strategy has remain to be a wonder to many. The company lacks a centralized human resource department. It also appears the managers are comfortable with how things are. There is very little interest among the managers to restructure th human resource department and supervise the performance workers especially when it comes to permanent workers. Decentralization in Clothes R Us and the freewill way of operation among the managers has them to behave in a kingly manner. Hence, they treat their employees has their subjects that they can control their recruitment and performance as they see fit.

Even though, majority of the permanent employees have a good education some even have degrees in their area of specialization the company still hire casual laborers for the sake of cheap labor. This is a problem rooted back in the early days. However, without knowing this reliance on casual laborer has been a source of demoralization among the permanent employees. Recently, it is when Clothes R Us has opened its eyes on the significant of a motivated workforce. Thus, it has to term with, for the permanent employees to perform highly they must be motivated despite the various strategies that set to ensure the company does not run out of manpower.

Challenges faced

The challenges that such a company is now experiencing include inadequate flexibility among the permanent employees mostly leading to a dull workforce. This causes lack of independence among the employees since casual employees take up duties requireS creative management and skills. Flexibility is not only in items of duty, something that most managers fail to comprehend but it is also in terms of the working hours and setting in the workplace. A common quote is that change is as good as a rest. Meaning if the employees have a variety of shifts, desks and talents chances of demotivation are minimum because change makes the job to seem new and reduces high turnover of the employees.

Confidence is a significant tool in any employed person, it sets the basis of their motivation. An individual can build his or her confidence or the environment they are in. It gives a person the power to exercise their talents, skills, and the power to face any challenge at workplace. However, Clothes R Us does not help to build confidence their employees since it keeps on hiring casual worker to do simple tasks. This creates low confidence among other workers, hence inability to perform well.

Majority of Clothes R Us are facing lowered self-esteem, it is highly seen in how they behave. The company is planning to expand and employees do not want to leave their cocoons to volunteer to the new project. Due to low self-esteem, most of the employees are unable to put their skills and talents to maximum use. Forming positive work relationship is difficult among the employees themselves and also with the employers. This unveils to disloyalty among the employees and some do seek employment elsewhere even if they are paid less. Excuses among Clothes R Us is not surprising the order of the day. They will find excuses for almost everything for instance why the company is stagnating, excuses for poor performance. Currently the company is full of permanent employees who are suffering from low self-esteem.

Low expectations: expectations of a company sometimes dictates the performance of a company. For instance low expectations leads to low performance, whereas high expectations leads to high performance among employees. Depending on permanent and casual workers has been a major challenge in Clothes R Us, they tend to lower the expectations and success of the company. Permanent employees do not push themselves diligently or give themselves wholly to the job. They do only what is expected of them to meet their needs and the rest they leave to the casual workers. The company's low expectations has played a significant role to kill the morale of permanent employees to performance at their duties.

High dependence on casual workers. Casual workers are advantageous to the company since they provide cheap labor for the company. Clothes R Us has taken this advantage from way back when it was started and even at its expansion.







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