Classroom Management Proposal

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Date:  2021-06-25

Management of a classroom does not mean just administering corrective measures when a student does a wrong or misbehaves. It involves developing proactive ways that will prevent problems arising and at the same time create a nice learning environment. The role of this task is to give the manner in which teachers apply in the management of a classroom and the discrepancy observed between the beliefs of the teachers and the practice that regard the management of the classroom.

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Classroom Management Techniques

The strategies of classroom management are important for a teacher to be able to tackle the chaos and indiscipline that arise among the students in the class. These techniques will help in the creation of the right atmosphere for learning (Nissman, 2009). Among the techniques used is setting classroom rules. The rules will help to guide the students in the manner of behavior required in class.

Enforcement of discipline is another technique to be used. Discipline is achieved through administration of punishments. However, the punishments should not be harsh. It should always be given according to the nature of the offense committed. Fairness is also an essential technique. Students should be treated equally especially regarding the rules and punishments. The fourth technique is involving parents. Parental involvement helps the teachers to understand the students better. It is important to win the confidence of the parents which would help in instilling good behaviors and values in the students.

Showing love to the students is also an essential thing in the management of the classroom. The students will cooperate since they know that they get the appreciation from the teachers. Assuming the best in the students is also vital. If a student does not meet the best of the expectations of the classroom by choice, it is good to show the student that the teacher loves him but not the misbehavior in the student. It will, therefore, make the student realize the love from the teacher and the need to correct his behaviors. The result will be a better classroom management.

Having a plan is also essential (Cangelosi, 2004). It will provide guidance on the relevant areas that should be tackled and provide an avenue of knowing the weakness of the student and provide the necessary support. Praising the students when they perform well will also give them an impetus to work hard which ends up in better classroom management.

Attaining the best classroom management will involve doing a Meta-Analysis which is a technique that combines results from some studies quantitatively. The technique focuses mainly on the teachers and the students performance. It addresses four general effective classroom management components which give statistical test of the relationship between various variables from the employment of various aspects. The relationships of the variables can be given as in the table below.

Factor Average Effect Size Number of subjects Number of studies Percentile Decrease in Disruptions

Rules and procedures -756 655 10 26

Disciplinary interventions -926 2365 65 31

Teacher-Student Relationships -584 1124 4 29

Mental Set -1.246 523 5 38

The above data are very appropriate since they give the exact response on a certain variable when a certain aspect is employed (Bianco, 2014). The data, therefore, shows that there is no much discrepancy observed from the beliefs of the teachers and the practices applied in the management of the classroom.

In conclusion, it can, therefore, be said that effective classroom management is achieved through the employment of the right aspects of management. Such aspects include the rules, discipline enforcement, fairness and parent involvement that will help in the achievement of the desired goal in classroom management.


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