Importance and Impact of Good Leadership and Management Skills Essay

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Date:  2022-06-17

Management refers to the technique of carrying out things while leadership refers to the art of working with people (Bhamani, Rose & Bramble, 2012). The two skills are essential in achieving the success in any organization. Differentiating a leader from a manager may not be an easy task as both bring about benefits that tribute each other. A leader poses an attainable vision which they communicate with influence to their teams and develops good strategies to achieve the vision. Conversely, managers make sure that the accessible resources are properly organized and used to generate the successful results. Good leadership and management skills guarantee business success. Jennie, my current boss at SRP utility company (where I currently work), defines the organization's vision and this boosts the identification of the most excellent direction for the organization to follow. Her planning and supervising are similarly important to ensure that the company follows the recommended path in realizing the vision.

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Through her good leadership skills, Jennie understands when change is required and directs the business in another direction once the current one fails. As the company senior manager, she direct projects, business affairs, and budgets, and as a leader, she is able to empower her team to conduct these functions. Through good management, the company's goals and the plans to achieve them are set. Good leadership skills, on the other hand, realize the goals via teamwork (Bohoris &Vorria, 2008). Indeed, achieving these goals is not just a task; it is a creative representation of good leadership skills.

Establishing a team-like mood among the staffs can only be achieved through good leadership. Good management in SRP is achieved by ensuring that all the team members are involved in decision-making processes and she is able to fathom the results. Instead of providing answers, it is a good leadership and management skill to ask questions as it encourages autonomy, motivation, and creativity among the workers. Jennie has good leadership and management skills and acts as a role model to her team members. She has a duty as a manager and leader to establish and respect diversity within the organization which can be based on ethnicity, language and many more. From human bonds, good leadership and management skills derive strength from the human diversities instead of creating a wall.

Jennie displays a high work ethics and a perfect memory. She recognizes even the slightest improvement and gives rewards thus increases the employees' interest towards their job. Such genuine appreciation has a great impact on profitability and productivity of every employee and leads to the company success (Bhamani et al., 2012). She is respectful to her subordinates and she performs all her duties with an incredible grace despite the challenges and this makes her more likable. Her good leadership and management skills help her to create a team with members who trust each other, are positive of their skills and are capable of settling their disagreements and differences.

Key Strategies Used to Lead and Manage Various Types of Employees

Jennie takes time to listen and be able to learn about her staffs, including their challenges to their job performance. This approach improves the employee's engagement and motivation. Recognizing the best performers is very crucial and helps to motivate the workers. Jennie creates a culture of trust and openness as a way of leading and managing thus allows the employees to feel as team members of the company and therefore invests more in their work. Jennie treats her staffs with respect; her family is her all-time first priority and allows flexible schedules to her team. As a result, she is able to lead and manage different kinds of employees. She is more of a leader than a manager. She aims more on the final results and not just procedures and policies as many managers do. She welcomes new ideas to advance the current procedures.

The Application of the Insights Learned

Application to the Current Field of Study; Bachelor in Business Administrator

As an administrator more than just a plain vision is needed in a business. The main task as a manager is to deliver the company's goals and be skilled to bring forth the desired outcomes. Yet, one must be alert to the mission and vision of the company to instill encouragement and motivation to the staffs. Leaders have the desire to guide, are committed to the organization's vision and mission and work with integrity (Training, 2010). Jennie believes in willingness and ability. She is always welcoming and forever ready to carry out more projects. Her good leadership and management skills help her in business administration.

Application to the current Employment

Jennie is the SRP's strategic management director and my current boss. To achieve the goals of the utility company, good leadership and management skills are needed from her. As a leader, she poses a vision of the achievable and she shares this with all of us. Jennie remains sensitive to the SRP mission and shows passionate altitude in relation to the goals and vision. A good leader offers inspiration and motivation to the staffs and has influence with integrity (Training, 2010). Jennie is charismatic and decisive which enables her to manipulate her staffs to work collectively towards the same cause.

Her creative way of handling problems creates an optimal working environment. She encourages staffs to rise above barriers to revolution. Her good management skill helps the company to plan and budget enabling the company to achieve its goals. As a senior manager, she develops and sets timelines and process steps to carry activities. She helps to staff and organize while assigning authority and responsibility. She is a team player and therefore performs better. Some managers, who report to her, experience endless struggles handling the team members, always look unhappy about their job outcomes and are often absent from work. However, managers who exhibit leadership skills like Jennie relate better to their performing teams and reports better performance.


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