Children's Mercy Healthcare Facility Analysis

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Date:  2022-03-29


This outline focuses on health care specifically for children. Children's Mercy healthcare facility located in Kansas sets the base of the study. They offer a single access point, coordination, and services for international patients as well as their non - US citizens, citizens or those residing permanently outside the United States. Requests for treatment get reviewed through triage protocol and evaluation. It ensures centralized communication for specialized customer services and patients health care needs are met (Children's Mercy, 2018).

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Corporate Mission

The mission for the Hospital, 'to work in collaboration with patient's families, physicians, other departments and services, and the community to provide the highest quality inpatient, outpatient, and outreach therapy services to children aged birth to adolescence.'

Research and Competitive Analysis

The study will conduct a research analysis of the Hospital. It will encompass an overview of the hospital evolvement over past time and time to come. It would also include an overview of the facility's mission and plans towards achieving their goals and the minor competitive challenges that might face them.

Top five competitors will be analyzed. Firstly; Fortis Healthcare which leads pan Asia - Pacific in integrated delivery of healthcare. The facility deals with primary care, span diagnostics, day care specialty. It has assets based in 11 countries and operates in a lot of nations globally (Fortis, 2017). Secondly, Centric Health partners with healthcare community professional like nurses, physicians, occupational therapists, rehab specialists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, clinical rehab specialists, wellness experts and other many to deliver exceptional care for patients (Centric Health, 2018). Then other competitors will be looked at like; Ameripath, Randox laboratories, and Synowledge.

Broad Analysis

The broad analysis will use strategic models and evaluation. Primary and secondary data collection will take place. The quantitative data will specifically focus on competition with the above competitors. Theoretical analysis will mean a lot. It will not only study Children's Mercy hospital but will also look at the other competing health facilities. Reasons as to why the hospital thrives will be examined at as well as for the competitors.

5-Forces and Generic Strategies

The study will focus on Porter's five forces driving industry competition. It will be an analysis of competition among the existing firms (Grundy, 2006). The analysis will include the threat of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, threat of substitute goods and bargaining power of suppliers (Kleinke, 1998). The relevance of differentiation, cost management, adding value to create and sustain competitive advantage will occur (Thompson & Martin, 2010).


This analysis will be conducted to evaluate the external environment situation existing in the healthcare industry. The study will dwell on political, economic, sociological, and technological factors (Allen, 2001). Then the factors that will have a significant effect on the industry and the organization will be identified.


A benchmark promotes the assessment of an organization accomplishment and it will include a comparison against the competitors. Any fundamental difference in operating environments and operations will be noted. The information will be regarded vital to competitive advantage (Dillon et al. 2001).

SWOT-Generic and TOWs

This analysis will evaluate the major competitors. It will also look at product generic, total budget competitors. Potential future competitors analysis will promote sharing of information and perspectives across departments (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012).TOWs will be used to look at threats and opportunities first, then strengths and weakness.

However, significant factors like the financial statement will help in comparing the financial positions of the benchmarking hospitals. The McKinsey 7 will divide the possible elements into soft and hard components (Basu, 2004). Additionally, Ansoff's product matrix will be used to analyze competitive advantage (Amelung et al. 2017). Then an analysis of EFE will be conducted. The data will be analyzed and narrowed down to come up with strategic fit results.


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