Children Trafficking in India Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-06

Human trafficking is one of the main criminal activities that are happening in the present day India after the events like trafficking of drugs. It is an act that goes against the human rights for it undermines the rights of the children who are trafficked and made to perform certain duties against their wish and without any form of payment for the services they deliver. It is often described as the modern day form of slavery where people are sold and bought against their wish, and they are made to stay the lives dictated by their owners. The victims are usually subjected to forced labor and exploitations which involve sex slavery or the removal of organs. The children who are mostly from families living in poor backgrounds are the ones who are mostly subjected to trafficking cases. They are either promised greener pastures in a foreign land only to know the reality after reaching their destination. Because of the lack of funds, a significant number of children are not educated, and they are left with no option other than to sell their bodies for a living.

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Poverty is the main factor that leads to the rise in the cases of human traffic in India, and many understand that implementing measures that can solve the poverty problem is one of the tools that can be used to end the human trafficking issue. With economic hardships, many get desperate, and they enter into fraud schemes that support the existence of the human traffic phenomenon. Majority of the trafficking cases happens within the country, but there is a good number that is obtained from Bangladesh and Nepal. A lot of children are taken to the Middle East countries with the goal of taking part in sports, such as camel racing while around 40% of them being used as prostitutes. Based on the world ranking of the nations that experience children trafficking cases, India is classified as a tier-2 country. Yong girls in the age of 9-14 years from low-income families in the rural areas in India are often trafficked to the cities to work for the rich families while other work in brothels in Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai. The young boys are often used to engage in hard labor, or they work in coal centers, agricultural land, and rice mills (Debu, 2014). They work for long hours for little or money at all, and they sometimes receive subsistence food. They are often molested and beaten if they fail to comply with their owner's demands.

Several measures need to be undertaken to end the vice for it is damaging the lives and future of thousands of children who are forced to engage in acts that are beyond their age. There is a need to create awareness about the trafficking issues among the children and in all the facilities that these kids attend their learning process. The government should strengthen the safety nets that are available for the children. The identification of the weak points in the society that the traffickers are utilizing to commit these crimes should be covered. Laws and regulations should be implemented with the need to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous act are brought to book, and they are arrested and prosecuted. The issue should deter others from committing the same crime. Additionally, those organizations that have employed underage kids should also be fined for this will end the working areas that the trafficked kids are employed.


Debu, C. (2014). Child Trafficking: India's silent shame. MyIndia. Retrieved from

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