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Date:  2022-07-25


Optimal control of workplace entails more than just challenges. Managers encounter different difficulties when in the process of managing the workplace. Workplace management is not an easy task in an organization, and there are various cases involved when coming up with strategies to cab arising challenges. Some of the challenges that managers encounter in the daily task of management include theft cases, computer issues, and workplace violence. Depending on the type of violent manager tries to manage, members of an organization would always cause problems. The managers would always intervene and provide a solution thus a challenge in the management. Challenge would be revolving around control of a workplace. The project manager should have qualities that it takes to manage and control any form of conflict that arises in a workplace. The paper here analyses challenges that managers face in controlling the workplace, and such challenges include, peer conflict, language barrier among many more challenges.

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Managers experience challenges in management. Language barrier apart from the conflict in the office is another challenge. In office members of the organization are supposed to use official language only (Lowstuter et al. pg. 23). Most of the offices use English as the most recognize the official language. It is the case because we have employees who find it difficult to work and communicate in English. The challenge comes in when a manager converse with his or her secretary in English and English is not the native language of secretary.

The probability of misunderstanding will increase. It will increase because of clarity issues. That would be a challenge to the manager, he or she might force to look for alternative ways to solve the problem. Most the office conversation between secretary and managers nowadays is by phone.

Cultural habit is also a challenge that managers encounter in a workplace. A given employee lifestyle might be a challenge to the manager in an organization (Epanchin pg. 13). There are cultures that value time thus a problem arises when a manager cannot keep time. When a manager agrees with such employee, it means they would have to save time. Keeping time is a challenge.

Communication is also another challenge that managers experience in their management practices. The connection is the problem because of many factors. Factors such as time difference are the primary cause of a communication challenge. The time difference that occurs between the employs and manager form the central problem of communication in management (Mendling pg. 4). The working hours between managers and employs forms the main problem in of communication management by managers. The issue of communication management can be controlled by ensuring that there is time management. Management in time is what would reduce the cases of challenges in communication between managers and employees.

Team conflict in an organization is another cause of challenges that managers encounter in the workplace. Employees are supposed to work in unity and avoid differences. Managers find themselves in the problem when a case arise between employees in the organization. An employee might come to the manager with the complaint about another one. The manager would have to provide a solution to the conflict without favoring either side. That is an enormous challenge that managers face in the workplace


To sum up, managers experience different difficulties in the workplace. The challenge includes factors such as cultural, communication among many other factors. Communication challenges are by time differences between managers and the employees in the organization.

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