Research Paper Example on the Growing Danger From the North Korea

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Date:  2021-06-24

North Korea is a potential threat to the US and its global allies because of its evolving military technology and capabilities in ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. North Korea's technological advancement signposts its ability and commitment to proliferate treacherous technologies against the US.

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Coats projects that the United States communication network and information systems will still be susceptible to cyber threats for years despite the countrys efforts to enhance cyber defenses. As a global superpower, the need to advance her global interests is reliant on scaling the military supremacy to exterior risks with emphasis on prioritization of the major threats. North Korea is one of the principal threat actors that pose a danger to the United States military strength as well as its worldwide allies. North Korea as the chief adversary is continuing to become adept in cyberspace, ballistic missile and nuclear technologies which enables it to advance its interest while threatening the United States capability to push hers. It remains to be the key adversary to the US because of its continued efforts in modernizing, development and acquisition of technologically-savvy arsenals such as cyberspace technologies and weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The paper summarizes the threats emanating from North Korea to the US and analyzes the military power of North Korea regarding its technological advancement in weapons of mass destruction (WMD).


Many recent instances prove North Korea as the major military and cyber threat actor to the US. An example is the 2014 cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. Furthermore, North Korea still threaten South Korea, an important ally of the US in Asia, following Pyongyangs involvement in the disclosure and interference of data belonging to a nuclear plant in South Korea. Another instance that proof North Koreas intention to attack the US was in 2016 when Kim Jong-un conducted nuclear tests in which one was a missile space launch that has the capability of orbiting a satellite while the other one was a standardized nuclear warhead project.

The other one is the 2017 activity in which North Korea conducted the first flight experimentation of its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), and the public commentaries suggest that its preparation is about to reach completion. Kim Jung-un believes that this ICBM is a ground-breaking step towards posing a substantial threat to the US. Lastly, North Korean President Kim Jong-un is one of the most defiant leaders in the world evident from his disobedience to international sanctions imposed on the nation and his continued reinforcement of authority in the region through leadership shuffles, executions, and purges. These five instances reveal North Korea as a noteworthy security and cyber risk to the United States and its global allies because they all show North Koreas capability to launch destructive and disruptive terror and cyber-attacks in the quest to reinforce its political motives. North Korea confidence to attack the US originate from its continuing technological sophistication of counter space arsenal and weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

North Koreas application of latest discoveries and technology in weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is the most likely reason it remains the hardest nut to crack for the US. Some recent moves by North Korea demonstrate its commitment in proliferating destructive technologies in East Asia region and the US. For example, North Korea had a hand in Syrias construction of a nuclear reactor in 2007 as it was the party exporting ballistic missiles to back the assembly of the reactor. Furthermore, North Korea is responsible for exporting ballistic missile to Iran which has an implication that the country has enough ballistic missiles which is an excellent means of delivering nuclear armaments. The increasing quantity of missile test launches in 2016 shows that North Koreas technological sophistication and shift into superior intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) from close-range ballistic missiles (CBM). Such tests show the North Koreas commitment to developing long-range nuclear-armed missiles that can threaten the United States safety.

Technology is similarly helping the evolution of North Koreas counter space arsenal. The progression of the North Koreas space sector places the US at increased susceptibility. North Korea has sophisticated technology in counter space artilleries hence the countrys military strength in disrupting the USs navigation and military communications. According to Coats, the US fear over the increasing sophistication of counter space warfare such as space robotics is that North Korea is that it can damage the satellites by using debris-removal technology. The prediction in the assessment of the future US military power over North Korea reveals that the adversarys enhancement of its space arsenal increases the likelihood of the US losing grip of the worlds space environment.


In summary, North Korea poses a full-scope security threat to the US evident from its defiance to the global community, public threats and powerful weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and counter space programs. The US complexity in combating the growing danger from the North Korea is due to the advancement in technology and latest military science discoveries such as WMD and counter space arsenal which increases North Koreas confidence in becoming one of the leading defiances to the global diplomacy.


Coats, Daniel. 2017. Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community. Statement for the Record, Washington DC: Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

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