Case Study on Domtar

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Date:  2022-04-27


Domtar is the largest producer of uncoated free sheet paper in North America. In 1996 Domtar recorded one of the worst financial records in the paper and pulp industry. As a result the C.E.O decided to focus on customer service and Return on investment.

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How the Trainees Should Be Organized

In the implementation of Kaizen, all employees at Domtar should undergo training to equip them with the right knowledge and skills. This is because the organization is moving in a new direction that is different from what the employees were used to doing.

The trainees should be organized according to the grade and position that they hold in the organization. The supervisors should undergo a different type of training which is not the same as what the employees will undertake. This is because the supervisors need to be equipped with the right leadership skills to be able to guide the employees in their duties. The supervisors will also need to go through a different type of training since they are required to concentrate more on an achieving the objective of the organization, and therefore they need to be trained on the right skills, knowledge and leadership style that will enable them to achieve those goals. It will also help them to be good examples to other employees. The junior employees should undergo training that enables them to achieve their own goals as per the function of the job. The junior employees should be trained while they are on the site where they do the job to ensure that they are also demonstrated for what they are supposed to do.

Learning Objectives of the Training

The learning objectives are to enable all the workers to understand the organization's objectives to allow them to achieve goals the company's goals. Through the learning and training, the employees are expected to be in a position of handling their duties and tasks easily with little or no tension. The employees will be in a better position of accomplishing their assigned tasks effectively and quickly.

The other learning target is to ensure that the company has skilled personnel who have the right level of expertise and information to assist them to cope with the clients and the required training to satisfy their needs and demands successfully. The learning objective is that the employees to deal with the changing needs of the customers and provide them with quality services through the use of new technology.

The learning objective is also to help the company to have a training course set in place and those who are skilled and competent to hold various positions to ensure that the training is continuous, steady and logical in all the departments of the company.

The Organizational Constraints that May Be Experienced and How to Address Them

One of the organizational constraints that will need to be addressed in the design of training is the opposition to change that may be experienced. The employees may be unwilling to adjust to the changes implemented in the organization. The management should explain to the employees the importance of implementing those changes in the company and the benefits they will have if the changes are implemented. This will help in addressing the issue of the employees being reluctant to implement the change in the organization. The employees should also be motivated whereby the most active employee and who takes a short period adjusting to the change is given rewards. The other constraint that needs to be addressed when training the employees is explaining new job functions and new administration requirements to the employees. The employees should be informed about their responsibilities in the company to avoid conflict of interest in the organization and for the management to be in a better position of addressing that particular constraint. The organizational constraints that may be experienced are likely to be the same when training the senior and the junior employees.


The management should ensure that they address the limitations before they start the actual training. The management should involve the employees and supervisors in the planning process so that they can feel to be part of the change as well to help them address any form of resistance that they may encounter from the employees. The management should ensure that they outsource external organizations that will help them in implementing the changes.

The management should put in place the design attributes that will help the workers to have the desire of working towards an end objective. All the workers should be included while putting in place the design attributes and provide them with the necessary motivation need to work towards meeting the end objective of the company. Such motivations include a pay rise and job promotion. To deal with the constraints, the management should ensure that the mode of training is interesting to the employees through the use of team building activities. The management of the company should use the direct and targeted instruction mode of training to ensure that there is more communication taking place between the trainer and the trainee considering that employees usually have different ability levels within the association.

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