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Date:  2022-04-04

In my course, I have learned that planning forms an integral part of my career development and that having a sound plan is essential for me to meet my desired career goals. It is right to say that a career goal encompasses the setting of a career path and also the identification of an appropriate strategy right from my internship to even my postgraduate level in the near future. I would like to start my career as an intern in a bank as a banker. My course has made me aware I have to have short-term goals to enhance and support my long-term goals. The essay shall provide details on my short-term and long-term career goals.

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After reading the E-book Never Eat Alone I note that among the essential elements to consider in the quest for a successful career is a web of relationships. It is not the only one but forms the basis and a more fundamental role in the attainment of my career goals. First, connect with people in conjunction with the flexibility, support, and self-development that comes along to form a great deal. In my career pathway as a banker, the interaction is productive when learning from my mentors and this is what I strive to achieve each day (Ferrazzi & Raz, 2014). Secondly, A relationship driven career will present the company with numerous benefits as a result of my growth. The value I will add to the bank right from the start as an intern is what brings the satisfaction and also makes the people and management want to keep you. Thirdly, it is never boring. In my internship plan, I have included networking as one of my driving in my learning experience.

Internship plans

The more specific I am in what my career goals are, the easier it is for me to create a strategy. I want to become a banker. My career goals to be banker started from my interactions with my uncle who leads a successful life and has made it big as a CEO of Barclays bank Illinois branch. My short-term internship goals and subsequent job search plan first to learn. To learn more about the Bank of America where I hope to take my internship, how I can best contribute to its success and what will contribute to my success. The second internship plan is to get a full-time chance. I, therefore, have a journal to outline a couple of lines of my personal experience whether good or bad. My third goal is to network, from my learning experience I can attest that people make decisions out of their evaluation and not the documents they possess. My fourth internship plan is to have fun in my banking role, and it is very vital as it is a matter of perspective.

Post-MBA immediate career goals

My immediate Post-MBA goal is to begin my career as a financial analyst in the Bank of America. To achieve my career goals, I know I have to tie my short-term goals with those of the bank such as be a team player and also tie my goals to those of the bank. To further my career goals, I need short-term goals as clearly put in Never Eat Alone I can first, create a project that is company approved and this will play a major role in learning the new skills and also introduce to the people in the bank (Ferrazzi & Raz, 2014). The second goal is to take leadership when an opportunity arises, and I will ensure I have vast information that will in simple terms be like an information hub. The third goal will be joining the people and create a web of relationships with the like-minded people who do the jobs I like to do. I intend to be a financial analyst who will offer advice to the bank and lead the bank to greater heights in its growth. I will focus on building my brand as I as well work towards improving the bank's visibility and brand.

5-year post-graduation career plan

My five years after post-graduate career plan is to begin my own company that will be involved in financial consultancy for major corporates especially banking institutions. My five-year post-graduation plan will involve the creation of a major network of friends and professionals. I will require a personal board of advisors who will form a crucial part to assess my mission and put me to task (Ferrazzi & Raz, 2014). It is part of my long-term plan to establish a financial consultancy firm that will be the leading company in financial matters and this I will exclusively articulate in my ten-year plan.

10-year post-graduation career plan

My ten-year plan is for my company to be successful and I also achieve financial posterity. I look forward to building a huge company will be very competitive in the stock exchange market and also other realms. I also plan partnerships with huge corporate organizations mostly banking institutions, but at this stage, I will diversify my financial consultancy services to cover most sectors. The building of networks as well articulated in Never Eat Alone will go a long way to be a publicly trading company at the top, and this will mark the achievement of my long-term goals.

In conclusion, the foundation for my success in the meeting of my career goals whether short-term or long-term gets pegged upon my understanding and a sound plan to achieve my goals. I note that my goals have to remain realistic, for instance, a plan towards my goals to set the platform to achieve them. I also have to be clear, and this will make my comprehension easier. I have learned my career goals are as a good as a sound plan in place to achieve them.


Ferrazzi, K., & Raz, T. (2014). Never eat alone: And other secrets to success, one relationship at a time. Doubleday.

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