Brighton Gin: Crafting Authentic British G&T With Organic Ingredients - Essay Sample

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Global marketing strategy is essential for the firm to survive and meet its long term objectives in the long run. Sussex Based SME Brighton Gin is an organization that deals with handmade authentic British graft gin. The firm uses certified one hundred percent organic pure wheat spirit that is super smooth and does not contain nasties that make it sore.

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The gins they produce is distilled with juniper, fresh orange and lime peel that is often grown locally as coriander seeds and mixed with milk thistle. The firm stays loyal to its customers through founding principles, and each bottle they produce is hand-filled and labeled well enough for distinction in the market. The company, moreover, provides its containers through recycled glasses and is proudly vegan. This paper will review international marketing strategy applied by Brighton Gin and its impacts on the overall marketing performance.

Countries Selected for Screening

The top countries were chosen for assessing the international marketing strategy for the company in Italy, France, Spain, and the USA. The states have been the top in producing Gin and various drinks over the world (Gencturk and Destan, 2016). The rules are the best for the marketing strategy and plan for Gin. However, the best state that the company can use for its effective use in exports and marketing strategy is Italy since, over the years, it has been ranked as one of the top countries best in Gin and a variety of drinks for its customers.

The country over the years has created wine lovers and other drinks for its customers by registering higher revenues and building customer loyalty. Italy has become the top country in producing Gin and beverages because of its extensive experience and a large number of consumers (Staniakovlev, 2012). It has, however, created a large number of wineries that are available to the public, and consumers can adequately find the products making it one of the best. However, the prices of products charged in Italy are consumer-friendly and cheaper than for other countries, therefore, attracting a large number of consumers (Gencturk and Destan, 2016).


Italy is the best country for Brighton Gin to undertake its marketing plan and strategy. Through the Granel Company in Italy, then the company can effectively carry out its activities and meet the target market (Waranantakul, 2014). Granel over the past eighteen years has created a professional experience through creating the in-depth and world knowledge of its drinks.

It has adequately evaluated the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal framework. It has studied its environment and the factors that can affect the business and produced sufficient products for the customers. The firm, however, provides a customized approach to its consumers through ensuring that all its buyers and sellers undertake the practical solutions in meeting its long term objective (Staniakovlev, 2012). Through the political aspect, the firm ensures that it adheres to the rules governed and has appropriate leadership skills in administering work and in the distribution sector for drinks. Through this, the firm maintains its role and focus on satisfying the consumer.

Through the economic framework, the firm ensures that it provides drinks that a variety of customers can afford and economical in the market. It is through this that the firm analyzes the appropriate methods to implement through setting prices that are lower than the competitors and generate revenue for the firm (Waranantakul, 2014). The Brighton gin should implement this strategy by outlining its strengths in the market and outlining the competitive advantage they have in the market. It is essential for Brighton gin to effectively evaluate the opportunities they have in an economic world by focusing on its capabilities and improving on its weaknesses.

The firm needs to give back to society and engage in community practices. Through this, consumers will feel the need to buy and promoting the products of the company. The Granel Company ensures that the products they produce are consumer-friendly and are suitable for consumption while outlining effects in the bottles for alcoholic drinks (Gencturk and Destan, 2016). The firm in meeting the international marketing strategy should ensure that its products are sufficient for use and appropriate. In the social framework, the firm must identify the various cultural differences of the society and adhere to it through maintaining an ethical background.

Under the technological aspect, since Granel is widely known for its products, then it ensures that it grows with the change in technology. With the advancement in technology, it is essential for the firm to evaluate its strengths and focus on them in providing readily available and economical drinks (Waranantakul, 2014). In evaluating internationalization, it is vital for the firm to assess the barriers that can occur and examine them through the advancement in technology.

Moreover, Granel ensures that it adheres to policies and principles about the environment. The most significant role of any company is to ensure that the environment they operate in is well enabling to all the stakeholders (, 2020). Through conserving the environment, Brighton can gain a tax relief advantage from the government agencies' sand. It also shows that the firm is concerned and responsible. Brighton Gin can use Granel for the exports in achieving international marketing and implementing its marketing plans effectively.

However, it is also essential for the firm to adhere to the legal policies governing the services they produce. Brighton gin should ensure that the products they provider are accepted by the law and have warnings for alcoholic drinks (, 2020). For instance, alcoholic beverages should not be used to underage people and should be regulated through high taxation. Minimizing the use of alcoholic drinks is essential to avoid the effects that it has on individuals.

The firm has studied the competitive environment and what the consumer needs and added innovative techniques by exceeding the market expectations. The firm, however, analyzes its strengths and focuses on its weaknesses through creating opportunities and putting effort into them while outlining necessary precautions to curb challenges that can arise (Gencturk and Destan, 2016). It is vital to effectively study the environment for Brighton Gin by setting clear goals and researching the market that it operates. Through this, the firm will analyze the best practices to implement in the long and short term.

The suppliers over the four countries offer Granel an opportunity to meet what the customers need. They also provide international sourcing by providing a large quantity and pricing tiers. The firm moreover outlines its vision and ensures that the products they provide re customized and economical for its consumers (, 2020). Through putting up the strategies that this company has, then Brighton Grin can meet its objectives and meet the international marketing strategy.

Choice of Entry Mode

The firm, however, should ensure that it analyses its competitors very well and know what its consumers want. Through this, the firm will generate higher revenues and expand its market by attracting various consumers and maximizing its resources (Jain, Griffith, and Al, 2011). With this aspect, then the company will penetrate the market as customer satisfaction is essential for the survival of the company.

Through meeting the customer's satisfaction and engaging in international marketing, then it is essential for the firm to be innovative and creative to create customer loyalty and survive in the long run (Staniakovlev, 2012). Through understanding the market and the customers' needs, then the firm will effectively implement its strategies and meet its objectives. It is vital to monitor the advancement in technology and change in consumer preference (Mandal, 2017). Through exporting, the firm will gain higher revenues and expand its market; however, it is crucial to evaluate another alternative to use to ensure that the firm meets its goals and customer satisfaction.

The firm can choose to enter the market through exporting as it will help to improve its market and attract more customers. Through exporting, then the firm will find a fast entry in the market and under a slight risk where its products will be sold quickly and efficiently (Jain, Griffith, and Al, 2011). Moreover, the products can, however, have low control and a little local knowledge where the products tend not to spread faster. Therefore it is crucial for the firm to know its environmental impact so as to avoid the adverse effects on transportation and other factors.

Through the sale of products to Granel Company, then the firm will easily penetrate the market and generate higher cash flows. In exporting, the firm will reduce the expense of operating in another country and will create new ways of distributing its products (Gencturk and Destan, 2016). The firm will have to label and package its products that can easily be identified by the consumers and offer an appropriate pricing strategy (Jain, Griffith, and Al, 2011). With marketing and promotion techniques, then Brighton gin needs to let its buyers know of its intention and offerings through exhibitions, advertising, and trade shows.

The firm, however, can find the challenge of transporting products to this country through higher transport costs and can create a disadvantage in the firm. However, with the products being sold in large quantities and having a lot of consumer demand, then the transportation costs will not be an issue for the firm (, 2020). It is essential to target the market well and know the best methods to implement in attracting consumers. By imposing tariffs in Italy on imported goods, it might be too high for the firm to generate its profits effectively. Through technology and the costs of exporting being lower than the firm can use exporting as the most accessible entry method in getting the products to the market and around the globe.


Brighton Gin will effectively implement its marketing and entry strategies if it creates customer satisfaction and clearly evaluates the tactics of its competitors. Through exporting, the firm should ensure that it adheres to the PESTEL framework for its continued survival and for making its products reach the global market through the Granel Company. Italy is the best country for the company as it has been ranked as one of the best firms in producing wines and other drinks around the globe. Through Granel Company, then the firm will achieve its internationalization objective and reduce barriers that can hinder it. In studying the competition and choosing the mode of entry effectively, then Brighton Gin will achieve its goals and plans. It is also essential to figure out the financing needs of the company and develop the strategy document trough creating a winning market entry strategy. The market development strategy will help the firm to identify and establish the appropriate market segment and target all the consumers. For an effective marketing strategy, it is vital to plan and schedule the budget data effectively to create a market development and choose the appropriate entry method for the firm.


Gencturk, E., and Destan, K. (2016). "Subsidiary Marketing Strategy Implementation (SMSI): The Missing Link of International Marketing Strategy Research." Handbook of Research in International Marketing, Second Edition, DOI:10.4337/9781849806121.00018.

Jain, S.C., Griffith, D.A., and Al, E. (2011). Handbook of Research in International Marketing. Cheltenham, Uk ; Northampton, Ma.: Edward Elga...

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