Assignment Example on Organization's Culture and Ethical Viewpoints

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Date:  2022-11-08

Explain the rationale behind the policies, including how they align with the organization's culture. The explanation should include three supporting examples.

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The three corporate policies that I have settled upon include tuition coverage, community investment and having a mentor and being a mentor. To begin with, having a mentor and being a mentor aims at employee empowerment and creating an environment for leadership development. The approach will create a bottom down flow of skills and expertise to ensure the organization has a work force capable of high service delivery. The subsequent policy which is tuition coverage aims at ensuring that the employees are continuously trained and motivated to acquire the right skills that will ensure career growth. However the coverage will be based on performance. Those who score high grades will get a 90% coverage and those do fairly will get 75% coverage. This policy is closely related to the previous one as both of them focus on staff empowerment and leadership development. The final policy is community investment. The proposal is based upon the idea of cooperate social responsibility. A company has a duty to its community, environment and the employees as well. The company through its staff can volunteer in community activities or provide financial incentives to make a society better. Going ahead, a company must protect the environment and ensure its activities do not pollute the surrounding.

Distinguish between ethical and legal issues.

Most of the time, legal and ethical issue are closely intertwined. Ethics is concerned with the morality and values that guide a person or a society. It is from the ethics that the laws are founded however there reaches a point where a legal matter is not ethical. The law usually puts in place certain rules that guide how people relate. Anything within the rules is considered legal. Abortion in certain society is legal but it is unethical since it goes against the moral rule which specify that taking a life is not acceptable.

Analyze the ethical issues at stake in the scenarioA good example of an ethical issue within the case study is seen in the compensation where the top executives are awarded excessive bonuses. Under the existing rules, the practice is perfectly legal, nonetheless, it is not ethical at all. The concept of ethic is based on equality and nobody should receive preferential treatment. Techfite is concerned about attracting and retaining the top talents. Under the circumstances, it is understandable since low compensation may not attract and retain the top performers.

The ethics officer is an individual charged with the duty of steering an organization towards predetermined regulations, values and visions that ensure the company is not plagued with ethical issues. On a daily occurrence, the individual observes the interactions within the working environment to ensure the laws are upheld at all time. His essential duty is to protect the firm from legal suits and to ensure the staff do not engage in unethical issues. For an ethical officer to implement his or her mandate efficiently, it is important to be objective, honest, observant and unyielding. The official has the duty of maintaining a good image that other employees can emulate. Failure to do so then the organization is at a high risk of meeting its ethical goals.

Describe corporate social responsibility and how it applies to the scenario.

Explain the ethical desirability of improving the company's reputation in the community based on the scenario. The explanation should include threesupporting examples of what the company has done or failed to do that has harmed its image in the community.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach in which an entity aligns it operation with the social, environmental and ethical interests of the society (Malik, 2015). Company' that adopt the approach are usually popular with many. The technique involves giving up some profit levels so as to use funds that will ensure the community is sustained.

TechFite has fallen short of this business technique. As a result it needs to ensure that it has reconsidered its approach to the issue altogether. One of the most pressing issue is the failure to meet the compensation fairness. Another issue is that the company has failed to meet the obligations towards the community as previously agreed upon. The working scheduled has been modified to avoid honoring employee benefits.

One of the benefit of CSR is that it can empower a company to attain ethical superiority above its rivals. That can lead to increased sales that translates to more profit (Schwartz, 2017). Another benefit of CSR is that it makes a company have a good reputation with the government. Whenever such a company commits a mistake, the punishment is not as severe as those that ignore the technique altogether. The final strength of CSR is that it can make the government to offer favorable incentives such as tax relief and subsidies.

Describe an ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible course of action to address each example from part B1 based on the company's culture and core values.

The first step that will address the issue of inadequate employee empowerment is the tuition coverage policy. Even if the company is not able to financially offer the fulltime employment package, it shows concern for the staff. The community investment strategy will also help the business fulfill the promise made to the city. Finally leadership development is sorted by the emphasis put on the mentor. The approach is a cost effective way of ensuring the institution develops its own talented staff.

Explain how the course of action from part B2 is ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible.

The proposals mentioned above are ethically responsible because they emphasize on employee development and growth. By instituting such programs, the company shows a great commitment to its staff. Secondly, the proposals are socially responsible because developing employees will have a ripple effect on the society as a whole. Education, community investment and compensation are all important to the social wellbeing of the community. The initiatives are environmentally responsible since investing in studies will produce a staff that is well aware of the duty to the surrounding. Nonetheless, the volunteer programs will without a doubt benefit the physical environment.


Malik, M. (2015). Value-enhancing capabilities of CSR: A brief review of contemporary literature. Journal of Business Ethics, 127(2), 419-438.

Schwartz, M. S. (2017). Corporate social responsibility. Routledge.

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