Book Report on Leading Marines Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-15

The book 'Leading Marines' is an insightful in the world of the United States that seeks to inform the readers on the tenets and challenges that face the Marines. It is divided into three chapters with the first one focusing on the ethos that guide the Marines as a military institution. The U.S. Marines pride themselves in having high standards that are highly regarded throughout the world and which cannot be easily taught. The institution is well known for upholding ethics in the murky world of military operations and this has enabled them to attain goals that may seem impossible. The Marine Corps standout to the rest of the world for their selflessness that eliminates individualism within the service in favor of caring for each other as brothers and sisters in pursuit of a common goal (U.S. Marine Corps). The ethos that govern the U. S. Marines ensure that individuals who enroll with the military service do not just change for a short time, but also under a lifetime transformation into a Marine. The Marines also standout through their rigorous training that equips them with adequate combat skills that ensure they always win without surrender.

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There are basic foundations that will help interested persons to learn the way of the Marines. It is one of the most challenging undertakings that an individual could engage in because the knowledge that is acquired in the Marines is always continuous. Before proceeding to becoming an elite Marine, persons are given a fundamental entry level training where they are taken through the basics of being an accomplished leader. Becoming an elite requires that one builds upon the foundation of values (U.S. Marine Corps) that helps them to form a mutual respect to the senior and junior colleagues. These high standards are expected to reflect in the individual character of all Marines. They apply these standards in a way that they will benefit the individual person as well as the Marines. The Marines are conditioned to be tough mentally and physically due to the various instances of ethical and moral dilemmas that they face. Marines are trained to emphasize more on the body language of an individual because this is more important than the physical words that others say. This is especially true considering that the Marines are always required to make split-second decisions that may affect their lives, that of their colleagues, and the fate of their country.


The book outlines the various challenges that face the Marines which include settling into a new way of life, the possibility of war, and the uncertainty of life itself. A Marine is supposed to balance all these challenges because they can amount to valuable lessons in their career or serve as examples of failures to other people. The leadership credentials, moral values, and personal attitudes of the Marines are challenged every day and it takes a strong character to face these challenges and exceed expectations (U.S. Marine Corps). The standards set by the Marines require flexibility that will enable the individuals to adjust during the peaceful times or in battle accordingly. Succeeding in the Marines, according to this literary text, requires that the individual have a tough mentality for the battle as well as possessing the physical courage to surge forward during tough times. Despite these physical and moral challenges, a United States Marine is expected to to acclimatize to life style of quick orders under tough command.

Work Cited

U.S. Marine Corps. Leading Marines. New York: University Press of the Pacific , 2013. Print.

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