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Boeing is an American based aerospace company. The company is the global largest aircraft manufacturer. It is the leading commercial jets manufacturer in the world as well as the largest producer of military air transport and missile manufacturer. Boeing manufactures commercial aircraft, helicopters, military aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles (Stanley and Amir, 2019). The company's origin can be traced back in 1916 when its founder William E. Boeing first started the business under the name Aero Products Company. Boeing's move to form the company was based on his prior success to develop a small seaplane called the B&W (Petrescu, Aversa, Akash, Corchado, Berto, Apicella and Petrescu, 2017). The company name was changed in 1917 to Boeing Airplane Company. During World War 1, the company was the main manufacturer of flying boats used by the Navy. Between 1920 and 1940, the company was the main manufacturer of bombers, pedo crafts, trainers and pursuit planes for the Americas military.

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Boeing business is divided into three division's namely military aircraft, commercial airplanes, and space and communication division. Under the commercial aircraft division, Boeing has two assembling plants that assemble seven different classes of aircraft (Lawrence and Thornton, 2017). The plants are located in Renton Washington and in Evertt in Califonia state. The Everett assembling plant assembles wide-bodied aircraft like the 787 aircraft and the 747, which was discontinued. The Renton plant has specialized in assembling narrow-bodied aircraft like the 737 aircraft and the 757, which was discontinued in 2004. In the production of other commercial aircraft like the Business jets and the VIP airlines like the 787, 777, and 747, Boeing works in a joint venture with General Electric Company. From the commercial airline business, Boeing has been able to produce over 380 commercial aircraft at the end of 2019.

On the military aircraft division, Boeing is the leading designer and manufacturer of helicopters, fighters, missiles and bomber aircraft. Other military aircraft manufactured by Boeing include the Hornet F/A-18 aircraft, the eagle F-15 plane, the super Hornet, the C-17 airlifter, AV-8 Harrier fighters, helicopters AH-64, military transport aircraft like the Chinook CH-47, the Airborne Warning and Control System and the military 767 planes (Petrescu et al., 2017). In the designing and manufacture of the F-22 and B-2 raptor and bomber aircrafts, Boeing has been the main company behind its success. Boeing also works in partnership with other Air products manufacturers like Textron Bell Helicopter in the designing and building of the tilt-rotor V-22 Osprey aircraft. Boeing, in collaboration with the Sikorsky division of United Technologies, the RAH-66 helicopter, was developed. Boeing team is highly innovative and produces the state-of-the-art cruise missiles that are air-launched and the Harpoon anti-ship missile. By the end of 2019, Boeing had manufactured over 229 military aircraft.

Boeing space and communications division designs and manufactures space vehicles like the IUS (Inertial Upper Stage), the Delta launcher rocket engines, solid rocket booster used in-space, and other Delta family space vehicles. Boeing participates in the United Space Alliance and is in charge of training, ground operations, and processing of space shuttle (Lawrence and Thornton, 2017). Working with other companies like the Lockheed Martin Corporation, Boeing has become one of the leading contractors to NASA's International Space Station. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Boeing has the leading role in integrating all other aerospace suppliers in all its space projects. Boeing also works with other companies like Teledesic consortium in building internet-based satellites like telecommunications services across the globe. Through a joint venture with Navstar, Boeing has set a satellite Global Positioning System across the U.S. and other 65 countries across the globe.


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