BMW Are the Best Cars

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It has been almost 100 years since BMW Company was found. Let us remind that history of the company began in 1916. BMW has released a set of exciting and successful cars. The company had ups and downs on the way of its evolution. However, the engineers of the Bavarian brand could not stop to create masterpieces of the automotive world. Probably, it is difficult to find someone, who does not know the BMW badge. It is wondering, what kind of thoughts are arising in this case: respect, envy, love, or perhaps a dream?! In any case, it is hardly to say that nobody love BMW cars. These cars are a kind of classic.

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BMW has its heritage, which is reflected in its design. There are dynamics, elegance and classic. It is the best combination for BMW. The BMW Company constantly gets better by this. Of course, there is a concept as power of the brand and it works in the automotive industry too. BMW brand is very strong. If BMW disappoints a client because of the brand, it will cause him a very strong impact. That is why, the company tries to make BMW cars in order to their clients are really going to love it.

BMW firmly holds a leading position in the preferences of buyers. The readers of the German magazine Auto, Motor und Sport awarded BMW cars three prizes in the vote The best cars 2016. For example, the brand BMW 7 Series is recognized as the best-in-class luxurious and powerful cars and BMW X1 won the first place in the compact SUV segment. The readers voted for the BMW 5 Series in the highest middle class for the sixth time in a row. These achievements emphasize the role of BMW as a major premium manufacturer in the world.

According to results of Reputation Institute, the Bavarian concern is the best representative not only in the auto industry, but also in other international companies a second year. About 55 000 participants testified about it from fifteen countries. Car giant BMW produces well-known automobile brands such as BMW, Rolls-Royces and MINI. For comparison, BMW surpassed large and well-known global brands such as The Walt Disney Company (2nd place in the ranking) and Rolex - Swiss watch manufacturer. Also, it should be noted that BMW was the first automaker, which has left behind Daimler AG and Volkswagen Group. The Former leaders - Apple and Google took 5th and 6 th places. Generally, there was a top 10 most respected companies. It involved Microsoft (77,98 points in the past year - 11th place), Volkswagen (77,04, 10th place), Canon (76,98, 8th place) and Lego (76,35, 5th place). It is important to say that the Bavarians have taken the top places in the ranking of this survey for over four years.

The index was founded by Reputation Institute Company as basis of this survey. This index involves seven characteristics, which are determined by the best of the best. There are management, financial component, service and products, innovation, competitiveness, geographic location and national origin. There are important qualities such as trust, prestige, admiration and goodwill. All of them are also taken into account by the buyer's point of view. The engines of this brand caused storm of emotions. BMW never disappoints its drivers. It has become the best in the world, according these paragraphs.

German car drivers recognized that BMW automobile brand is the best in Germany. This is evidenced by a survey conducted by German automobile club (ADAC). According to the press-secretary of the Automobile Club, the positions of Audi fade because of BMW i3 and i8. BMW gains popularity because of the superiority of high technology. It should be noted, the main award was given to this car brand last year. Audi and Mercedes are on the second place in the ranking.

Also, there is another new development of BMW cars. All information, which you have on your phone, is in your car. You do not need to take any additional actions to try to adapt it to each other. It happens by itself and you can control everything in your car. It provides necessary functions for you at the right time. For example, you can display huge amounts of data on the screen in the car. It allows the drivers to look at the road more carefully and not to look aside. BMW cars are the representatives of a modern, luxury segment.

BMW 2002 tii can be called as the father of all brand sport sedans. BMW 2002 tii could revive sales of the brand and quickly gained popularity among the buyers, although it was released in 1969. It was one of the first cars that was equipped with an independent, rear suspension and immediate injection of fuel. The four-cylinder with 130-horsepower engine with volume of two liters is responsible for dynamics of the sedan. Such characteristics were considered one of the best at the time.

The slogan of the company BMW is the best machine is a machine for the driver, because it is characterized by such indicators such as high-tech, focus of all controls on the prosport setting (high speed of gear shift, fast response of the gas pedal, transparent response to steering deviation, a sensitive brake pedal and excellent controllability). For example, BMW-3-Series is one of the best-selling in the UK. It is known for such characteristics:

Handling. The 3 Series is one of the best cars that you can buy without spending a lot of money on a supercar. The steering control is sharp, accurate and well weighted. The car feels lively, tenacious and perfectly balanced. In short, it is that all cars should feel to drive.

Ride. A car is often too firm that handles well. There is no body roll, when tackling corners. The ride is considerably more compliant than in previous 3s. Thats some achievement.

Economy. BMW made huge strides in recent years with its EfficientDynamics package of measures to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions (and, as a consequence, save owners money). In the current 3 Series that means almost all diesel-engine models returns in excess of 60mpg (the most efficient 320d can actually manage 68.9mpg) and emit CO2 levels placing them in Band C for VED. Not exactly cheap to run, but cheaper than what youd expect for a premium executive car (Thomas).

BMW M3 and M4 are the legendary sedan models, which equipped with a roof that is made from carbon fiber. It is possible to reduce weight of the car. For example, M3 lost 5 kg and M4 lost nearly 6 kg. Besides reducing weight of the car, the roof of carbon fiber reduces the car's center of gravity. It improves dynamics of the car. When the company created a new generation of the M3 and M4, its priority was to reduce weight of the car. It allowed drivers to drive more easily and quickly.

The name of BMW X6 evokes awe of many motorists. The possession of the car of this brand is prestigious and the purchase of X6 model elevates the status of the driver to the skies. Traditional sports power, versatility and elegance are combined in design of X6 2015. The design elements are combined with a sporty and luxurious atmosphere in the car. Dodgy economy of fuel by 80 percent is the main characteristic of this model, which makes it one of the best BMW cars.

BMW 1 Series is one of the best small family cars that you can buy. This brand is surprisingly cheap. Every family can allow it to drive more comfortable. However, these models are not as spacious as its competitors, but it was done to provide a comfortable and safe driving. With a combination of strong performance, decent fuel economy and low emissions, this rear-wheel-drive hatchback is worth considering. As with its 3 Series rival, the best deals are to be had on petrol 1 Series models. The advantage of this model is considered that the fuel for the petrol model will cost you just 200 per year than the diesel fuel (based on 10,000 miles per year) (

JATO Dynamics is a leading analytical agency of the global, automotive industry. It declared that BMW is the most environmentally and friendly cars of premium class. BMW cars took the first place at the lower emissions of harmful substances, based on the calculation of weighted average emission factor of CO2 with the figure of 174, 1. The innovative technologies of BMW Efficient Dynamics, which aim to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, have been used in new BMW models since 2007. BMW Efficient Dynamics unites continuously improving the range of technologies that improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. The BMW Group provided access to a larger market of braking energy recovery systems and the Start / Stop. BMW cars do not lose power and speed despite the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The innovative, efficiency-enhancing technologies are introduced year by year. Efficient Dynamics of the BMW Group reduced the average fuel consumption and emission levels of its cars that sold in Europe. Also, the company announced plans to reduce emission levels of CO2 of new cars on the world by 25% in 2020. It will be implemented by using a variety of new technologies. These new technologies imply a transition to electric traction in addition to further improvement of the internal combustion engines. The modern model range has already included three cars, which equipped with BMW ActiveHybrid technology. BMW Group continues to develop BMW eDrive concept that includes cars with fully electric drive and hybrid models with charged from the mains. BMW Group declared that environmental maintenance is one of the main principles of the company for many years. The independent assessments of third groups regularly confirm the high standards of the company in the field of environmental and social responsibility.

In 2001 BMW started to design the concept car. It is BMW Gina. It is the model of our future. The company wanted people feel how their life is going to change with cars. This model is an example of it. The concept car can not be called as an ordinary car. It is the perfect piece of art, which is called the BMW Gina. The car can change its shape. It's hard to believe, but it's true. The concept car BMW Gina can change its appearance due to special and innovative design, as well as through the use of a unique intonation material that the car is fitted. According to BMW employees, the car can be changed not only externally. If the driver wishes, they can also change the interior of the car. The body is based on an aluminum frame. The designers used the fabric instead of the usual and familiar car panels. Fabric is spandex material that is coated with polyurethane. It is known as elastane or lycra. The sportswear and suits are made with this material for swimming. So, why is this car the best? How will it simplify our future? The spandex material in BMW Gina is characterized by:

It is more environmentally friendly than plastic and metal.

It is waterproof.

It is easily exposed to painting.

It can be stretched by 500%, and then without any deformation it can return to original dimensions.

Probably, concept car Gino will not move into the category of stock cars and never be produced in large quantities, but definitely we can say that Gino will help the company to create new BMW car production in the future. Although, if we disclose all cards, the model has already helped to create new and modern BMW cars. For example, there are hybrid BMW i8, electric car BMW i3 and other models (

BMW models are more reliable than some other models. BMW requires good maintenance as any other cars. If you want to have a quality BMW model, you should take care of it as it is your child. If you correctly maintain your BMW, your car will serve you for a long time, at least, the engine. At present time, the most reliable engine is in BMW cars. So, you just need to change the oil and fix the problem, if the car has. Thus, your BMW will last for years and provide you a quality driving (DeMattia).

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