Big Data Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities for Huskie Motor Company - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-06-21


Huskie Motor Company (HMC) is one of the automobile manufacturing companies with manufacturing and/or, production, and sales of automobiles throughout the globe. Automobile production and sales is a highly and competitive business to carry when dealing with big data analytics (Lazer et al., 2014). Huskie Motor Company faces many key challenges and opportunities in growing and understanding the use of Big Data and Big Data Analytics necessary for decision making and management process as a way of facilitating more competitiveness and strategic growth for the company. Some of these key challenges and opportunities include;

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As data analytics become more diverse and bigger, there is a challenge of synchronization and incorporating disparate data into an analytical kind of platform. If this is not taken into consideration by the accountants of HMC, it will result in wrong insights, messages, and create gaps. Also, there is an acute shortage of accountants and other professionals who can understand the analysis of big data (A Tole, 3013). In essence, the analysis of the information gathered is very significant to make use of this amount of voluminous data being produced by the company. With the drastic increase of data, high demand for Big Data analysts and Big Data Scientists has created a gap in the market. Hence, this shortage of professionals poses a major challenge to the business operations of HMC.

Moreover, HMC needs to gain crucial insights and messages from Big Data analytics, and it is also critical that only relevant and authorized departments get access to the information. In Big Data analytics, the key challenge faced by HMC as well as other companies is the mending wide gap efficiently and effectively (Mark Van Rijmenam, 2014). Getting meaning messages and insights by the use of Big Data analytics is a challenge. Additionally, surprisingly, data is growing exponentially every day. This shows that HMC needs to handle the voluminous amount of data on a day-to-day basis. This data can overwhelm any professional or engineer, and it is crucial to make easy and convenient accessibility of data for brand managers and owners.

On the other hand, there are key opportunities that are available for HMC in understanding and using Big Data analytics. Using Big Data information and technological tools increases and boosts the efficiency of the company. Through the use of technological tools such as social media, Google Earth, and Google Maps enables a professional to carry out many tasks as much as possible right at his/her desk without necessarily having traveling expenses (Lazer et al., 2014). Hence, these tools save a great deal amount of time. Likewise, the use of Big Data analytics allows HMC to compete with other big businesses in the market on the same playing field. By taking advantage of technological tools, business operations of HMC become more effective and sophisticated.

Consequently, the use of Big Data and Big Data analytics helps the company to increase loyalty and sales. In this case, data allows companies to tailor-made their goods and services to meet the demands and standards of the customers. In a sense, a digital footprint mark is automatically left behind when the customers post and browse online on social media platforms in search of products and services hence increasing customer sales and loyalty (A Tole, 3013). Also, Big Data analytics allows a company to focus on the preferences of its clients. Businesses such as HMC should focus on dealing with the local environment they are providing. This is because Big Data allows the company to zoom in the likes, dislikes, as well as preferences of its customers more often. When the Huskie Motor Company gets to know and understand the preferences of its customers combined with personal efforts, HMC will have an advantage over its competitors.

Therefore, Big Data analytics can have a significant impact on the development and growth of a business, coupled with the Internet of Services (IoS) and Inter of Things (IoT). The manufacturing and infrastructure industry can benefit significantly from the use of Big Data analytics (Mark Van Rijmenam, 2014). There is a dramatic scope for customer interface and machine level interventions necessary to increase manifold of business opportunities within the company.


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