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Date:  2023-06-21


In enhancing the services provided by Betterteam Digital Inc. and giving our customers quality and satisfactory digital products and services, the company plans to develop a Progressive Web App. The Web App will drive the global web forward by making website browsing capability nearer to native mobile applications and, therefore, more friendly to users (Kanfer & Chen, 2016). The purpose of this initiative entails the provision of progressive Web Apps that offers functionality primarily available to native apps, such as offline access, push notifications, and hardware access, among others. Contemporary trends across the globe indicate that mobile usage dominates other devices, such as tablets, desktops, and laptops. Besides, there exists a massive gap between using mobile apps and mobile browsers.

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The considerable difference, therefore, requires a company to invest in such ventures to ensure it taps on the emerging market. Progressive Web Apps has the capability of shifting the situation for better by troubleshooting issues users dislike concerning websites, such as poor experience, no offline access, and slowness. The company, therefore, plans to hire a website developer on a full-time basis who will work from Monday through to Friday between 8 am to 4 pm. The website developer's duties and responsibilities entail building the company's website from concept through to completion from the bottom up, fashioning entirely from the home page to site layout and function (Kanfer & Chen, 2016). The responsibilities include writing well designed, valid, and efficient code by using best software development practices.

Besides, the website developer shall create website layout (user interface) by using standard HTML (CSS) practices, integrate information from several back-end services and databases, and collect and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs. Furthermore, the employee will create and maintain software documentation, stay plugged into emerging technologies (industry) trends and apply them into operations and activities, and cooperate with web designers to match visual design intent (Kanfer & Chen, 2016). Furthermore, the developer must take responsibility to maintain, expanding, and scaling the company's website.

Since the web developer must develop an effective coding system, innovative design, and layout of the website, the person must have high-level programming skills and in-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS. Besides, the candidate must possess proven working experience and familiar with at least one of the following programming languages, PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, or Ruby on Rails. The candidate must also possess a solid knowledge of how web applications operate, including security, session management, and best development practices (Pektor et al., 2018). Besides, the applicant must show adequate knowledge of the relational database system, Object-Oriented Programming, and web application development. Another essential requirement for the web developer includes hands-on-experience with network diagnostics, network analysis tools.

Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization process, aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem-solving skills, and strong organizational skills to handle multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines and budgets are vital requirements of the job (Pektor et al., 2018). Besides, the company seeks to hire a person with the ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn quickly, and master diverse web technologies and techniques. Finally, the applicant must possess a BS certificate in computer science or a related field from a recognized institution.

Recruitment Approach

Attracting top talent with experience and the desired qualification, I recommend our recruiting information to emphasize on two themes. The first theme should include a competitive package and other benefits the company provides. Such payment should contain yearly bonuses, paid leaves, comprehensive health insurance programs, and a pension scheme. Besides, it should comprise of an employee support program, childcare and senior care, tuition grants, and loans for the needed continuing training and development to maintain licenses and fitness benefits like gyms (Pektor et al., 2018). The second theme that the recruitment message should contain entails the company's value to create a difference in our customers by offering products that meet and satisfy their needs, besides creating a difference in society.

I recommend a two-stage recruitment process. The first method entails advertising the job vacancy on our website and through other recruitment agencies. The cost of advertising in the leading recruitment companies remains approximately $350 for a month (Pektor et al., 2018). I recommend we contract only the leading recruiting firms and renowned print and web magazines that will require an additional $100. Advertising through these platforms shall enable the company to reach out to an experienced and highly qualified job seekers base from these firms and across the country.

The second technique involves advertising with the current company's workforce with an incentive referral offer of $750 if their referred applicant gets hired (Pektor et al., 2018). I recommend we email the job vacancy together with the referral incentive to all employees and announce the same in our usual review meetings that occur on Fridays. Referrals remain a verified and successful recruitment strategy in big companies.


The company shall monitor the effectiveness of the strategy by assessing both the short, medium and long-term outcomes. Since the company intends to develop a Progressive Web App, the company needs to hire a website developer by the 1st of June, 2020 (Pektor et al., 2018). From the short-term viewpoint, I recommend the company assess the period needed to fill the vacancy and the expenses related to the hiring process to identify its efficiency.

In the medium-term, I recommend the company measures the productivity of the web developer within the first three months and six months. In the long-term, the company will examine retention metrics and job productivity of the recruit at one and two years after the launch of the App (Pektor et al., 2018). If the applicant still works for the company within these monitoring periods and the performance meets or surpasses the desired outcomes, then the recruiting process shall indicate positive exercise that the company can continue employing.


Kanfer, R., & Chen, G. (2016). Motivation in organizational behavior: History, advances and prospects. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 136, 6-19.

Pektor, O., Walek, B., & Martinik, I. (2018, May). Proposal of a system for evaluating competencies. 2018 19th International Carpathian Control Conference (ICCC) (pp. 502-507). IEEE.

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