Best Practices in Organizations

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Date:  2021-03-19

A race is a mental activity that involves the coordination of the body. It requires self-motivation and the full cooperation of the body. Due to the uncertain outcome of the race, my early experience was one full of fear and anxiety. Racing against athletes you have no idea of their capability may sabotage the performance. My immediate fear was about losing in the race. I was also afraid of not performing up to the expectations of my friends and parents. To handle the fear, I had to think of myself as a strong individual who should race and win no matter what. I also focused on my strengths and on the training I had done. If faced with another situation that involves racing my focus would be on the process of racing and not on the performance. It would do better to concentrate on my inner strength and learn from the past mistakes so as to improve.

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Best practices are the reusable practices in an organization that have attained success in a given domain or respective functions. Best practices are as a result of knowledge management and can be either internal or external. In diversity context it means employing equality and fairness in the organization. There challenges of implementing best practices includes, high cost of implementing best practice, since they occur gradually, the time taken to fully adopt and the business practice that is effective for adopting will have changed and it is difficult abandon best practices due to time and money.

Benefits of beat practices is that it provides a way for communicating difficult messages and changes that seem difficult within an organization, best practices influence employee behavior by guiding them on how to act and not to act and it also helps employee develop knowledge of their financial status and hence provide a platform for their savings. Pitney Bowes used the following ways to align goals for diversity with market driven approach. Planning before launching so that objectives are defined and to create a clear strategy for the next course of action. Sticking to the message. Making sure that managers and supervisors are aware of the market strategy and make sure they have influence on the employees. Treating employees well to help them uphold ethical culture within the organization so as to increase their productivity.


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