Balance Between Freedom and Authority - Essay Example on Political Science

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Date:  2021-04-06

Authority and power are quantities which can only exist at the individual level, and some control is necessary, and thats why the government exists in a country. The government uses this power in fulfilling its vital functions. Similarly, it uses this authority to implement laws which may threaten the freedom of the people under the government. The equilibrium between the individual authority and the government power tends to favor or tilt most to the government.

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Firstly, we can guarantee that the government provides equality and justice by ensuring it imposes measures that warrant democratic values are observed. Similarly, it should make sure there is an equal redistribution of income and wealth to its citizen. These are through imposing income and wealth taxes to the rich hence bridging the gap between the wealthy and the have-nots. It should ensure that all citizen has equal rights and opportunities regardless of the gender hence should not pass laws that put some people in a privileged position. Measures should be put in place to resolve any conflicts arising from social and economic harmony with minimum interference of private sectors and the government to enable individual interest (Peterfalvi & Horvath 2016). These will ensure there are order and freedom of the citizen to start their businesses without the government interfering.

Creation of high education to reestablish constitutional perspective of fairness comprising of the principled judiciary, through this citizens will understand well the significance of unwavering legal rules hence ensuring social and economic harmony. If legal anarchy is given, the judiciary will be in a better position to resist any usurpation of noneconomic and economic liberty. Also, the government should ensure enough security of its citizens against any internal and external attacks. Security has been a tricky situation focusing on international security where the questions of war and peace emerge. In times of war, the quest for survival and the military action becomes critical as the safety of some of a state become important than the civil liberty of other (Peterfalvi & Horvath 2016). These occur between those in authority and the ordinary citizen of a particular state.

According to Thomas Hobbes, people has the freedom to do what is necessary to ensure that they survive well in the society. Though having excess freedom facilitates people to engage in civil wars, there is the need to have a ruler or authority and laws that will govern people from excess freedom. Since people are not capable of living in a democratic society and liberty, there is the need of contract such as government to ensure people live together in harmony. People deserve property, life, and freedom where else this caused many countries to take an initiative of seeking interdependence to free themselves from colonization (Mansell 2015). These accelerated the formation of rulers who will protect them and who will improve the society economically.

In the contractual theory of government, the citizens should serve in the military and pay taxes as well as the government should take part to ensure that the citizens live well by providing for their needs and listening to their desires. According to Locke's contract, leaders takes advantage of been in authority to make life difficult for citizens and rule unfairly. These forces people to engage in education to defend themselves against any power abuse hence break the norm that the rulers should rule unquestionable (Mansell 2015).Through education, citizens learn a fair society indeed and make life better for everyone. These enable each and everyone to know its freedom and the appropriate authority.


Mansell, S. (2015). Book Review: Rejoinder to Veldmans review of Capitalism, Corporations and the Social Contract: A Critique of Stakeholder Theory (Vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 271-275). A. Pullen, & C. Rhodes (Eds.). Sage UK: London, England: Sage Publications.

Peterfalvi, A., & Horvath, A. (2016). The Transparency of Financial Management of Political Parties and the Effectiveness of the Implementation of Freedom of Information. Law Rev. Kyiv UL, 372.

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