Background of Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and SWOT Analysis

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Natural History Museum of Los Angeles was established in 1913 at Exposition Park in California. It is a very fascinating site that has a lot of wonders. The museum carries species that dates back to millions of years making it the most visited place in the world. It is ranked as the vast museum in the western part of the United States. This museum is supposedly believed to have more than 35 million species of animals, both the existing and extinct ones. This has led to the developments of other attractive sites such as Nature Gardens and Nature Lab that has explorative sense for wildlife. It is important to note that in 1961, the museum was made into two major distinctive sites that are Los Angeles County Museum of History and sciences and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Different researches have been conducted in these museums. Of late, the scientists have found the genetics of a dinosaur and they are working smart to see to it that they plant it on jumbo so as to realize the great mammoth in history. The posterity will never be talking of extinctions but rather they will be able to see the real one on the game reserves. The museum has opened doors for research to be conducted ranging from mamalogy to malacology.

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Marketing strategy and objectives

The museum has both the short and long term objective. The museum is working towards building its reputation globally such that it can attract different tourists and visitors around the world. It is targeting to market its brand beyond the parameters of America. This can be solely achieved through the use of both the online and offline means. However, it is targeting the online users since they are easy target to reach and information can easily be disseminated over a great range of land. This implies that it would be easier to access some from foreign nations using online means than offline. However, to some extent, offline means are still significant since they are not obsolete such as some states. Besides citizens are still using these means. This is the use of television, and newspapers to market the brand to other nations. They may also open a forum and platform in which people would air their views on the brands offered. Most importantly, the targeted audiences are the non European since most of the fascinating things that are found in this museum are rarely found on other museums in the world and this offers it a better platform to continue diversifying their brand to their nations beyond America (Christensen, 2014). Some of this online means that museum ought to employ in expanding its market are Facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsApp, web 2.0 and Google.

Posting picturesque and fascinating items on social media

Interior decor of museum

This will put it at better scale to communicate directly to its potential customers or clients. Similarly, for domestic marketing, the museum may decide to offer Wi-Fi to its clients living around 30 meters radius. Due to this proximity they may be able to channel or disseminate any important information regarding the museum or continue expanding its brand using the said platform.

Old east door of the Natural History Museum in 1956

The current form of offline marketing is the use of magazine and articles. The Los Angeles museum should publish a lot of magazines and post online information on newspapers about its brands and spread it geographically. They may too use the brochures. This is because brochures are brief to the point and most effective. In achieving its ultimate goal of diversification, all this printable materials should be written in different languages in order for easier understanding of the information easy to decipher the entire content.

Triceratops in the Museum at Los Angeles County

The rate of investment in this museum may be measured in different forms. The most notable way to arrive at this is to measure the extent of investment of different species. The firm ought to know the number of species they poses in the firm. This puts it at a better scale to know their riches or to what extent they have invested. This may also provide requisite information on the investment of the firm. They may to collect the information from their archives to keep the chronological of their investment over a long period of time. The number of research conducted in respect to the museum provides the basis for firsts hand information to know how much has been invested in the firm for a period of time.



According to Smith, Roski & Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (2011) Los Angeles museum is a reputable museum around the world. It has maintained a reputable position over a century making it the best museum offering multifaceted of species that are not found anywhere.

It enjoys support from both the national and county government.

Due to its uniqueness, it has been able to get visitors all over the world

A lot of researches are carried out in the museum both at undergraduate and doctoral level.

Similarly, they get funding from different agencies a fact that makes it to compete its researches without strains.

It provides quality services

It has strong financial back up


It is incumbent to note that tourism to this center is seasonal yet the museum has to be open throughout the year.

Its objectives needs to be reviewed to meet the changes experienced in the world

Marketing strategy is still low

Its revenue generation is still low since most of the activities that take place in the site are free of charge to the public.

This museum is conspicuously known as a center for dinosaurs species


The museum needs to diversify its brand to different fields and even aim to attract the fanatics of football in UK

It has been seen that the number of tourist in the said destinations is growing; therefore the museum may decide to target its citizens.

Market their brands to African states. It is explicit to indicate that most of the African citizens are naive about the museum.

They may also sponsor some football, teams as its viewership is great. It is from this that they will market their brand in a very simple and easier form.


Strong competition from other museums and most importantly the private ones.

Some species are not yet discovered

Other studies are very costly to the museum making it susceptible to collapse to huge chunks of money channeled for that work.

The new museums are coming up and being furnished easily

Not diversified their museum to have variety of species apart from dinosaurs.


The notable strategies the museum is putting in place will see it grow to another level as compared to previous modus operandi. The museum has evaluated its strengths and weaknesses and is working in making difference. There are a lot of breakthroughs that have been realized since its evaluation of their system. Currently, most of the support and funding that comes from the government aid its operation (Christensen, 2014). A great proportion of money has been set aside to the museum center to conduct its research without necessarily straining. It is incumbent to note that this museum is unique as different researches such as entomology, ethnology, mamalogy, malacology, ornithology take place. More than 100 researches take place on this part of the museum periodically. Due to its primacy, the government and other agencies should step up their effort in order to widen its cognition beyond Europe. The analysis would make it fully utilize its opportunity and maximize on its advantages. The museum may decide to sponsor some popular games to widen its market globally. This may become realizable if they also open a good platform online whereby they can market period marketing of their brands. They should make their site very active so as make it grow to greater heights. Of recent times, the scientists are working towards making the first mammoth come to existence (Peters, 2015). They are projecting to do some implant insemination on jumbos since they already have the genetics required. It is also important to note that the Los Angeles museum should use the reputable experts to grow its brand. Moreover, having experts from different fields should give them an opportunity to market their brands without strains. However, it became evident that museum is not fully utilizing the social media brands itself. When different strategies are well employed and synchronized together, there is high likelihood of making the museum expand its market to other parts of the world in a very effective form.


Los Angeles Museum has great history in the notable researches it has been involved in over a long period of time. Nevertheless, social media has been seen as the best platform form that the museum may make its brand noticeable globally. Similarly, the role of offline means cannot be understated due to its significant role. The museum maintains its reputable position due to its uniqueness since it is among the few museum that has rare extinct species. Moreover, it has great record of keeping very ancient history that dates back to millions of years that would not have realizable was it not for the commendable work of this museum. There are other researches that are underway to make the extinct species to reincarnate.


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