Articles Analysis Essay on Marketing Ethics Issues

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Date:  2022-05-21

Mother Upset after Advertisement Seems to Target Children

The article, "Mother Upset after Advertisement Seems to Target Children" offers a comprehensive view of some of the marketing ethics issues that companies fail to adhere to in their marketing processes. Specifically, it explains the move by the company to air the commercial for their e-cigarettes known as Vuse Ciro as a matter of targeting young children and minors. It is, however, important to note that the codes of marketing ethics do not permit any companies to distribute, sell or allow to be sold an inhalant delivery system such as the e-cigarettes in a manner that attracts young children. The marketing ethics seeks to promote honesty, fairness and the responsibility in all forms of the commercial advertisements (Brenkert, 2008). The companies that seek to foster the good image and reputation of the brand, as well as developing a long-term relationship with customers must, therefore, adhere to the available ethical standards related to the advertisement. The kind of behavior such as the one portrayed in the video may lead to the failure of the company. Many customers, just like the mother in the article, may not want their children or them to feel manipulated by such commercials. Instead of embracing such kind of practices, companies can utilize ethical marketing to develop a sense of trust and honesty among its customers thereby gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals within the same market (Brenkert, 2008). The honesty, in this case, involves offering the customers what they want, in a proper way and at the right time.

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Vaping Decimating Cigarette Industry and Could Get Worse

The concept of planned obsolescence is also depicted in the article, "Vaping decimating cigarette industry and could get worse." Throughout the article, Jim Cramer addresses the recent pain experienced by the cigarette producer. The planned obsolescence refers to a policy in planning or designing a limited product life to render it obsolete (Pope, 2017). In fact, this is an act of lynchpin for the behavior of the consumers about the durable goods. The Cigarettes, in this case, is a significant durable goods that is being subjected to the planned on obsolescence and is replaced through Vaping. In fact, replacing the cigarettes with the e-cigarettes would even prove detrimental to the manufactures who utilize the tobacco as the raw material.

FDA Lets Vaping Flourish as It Eyes Crackdown on Cigarettes

The same concept is further highlighted in the article, "FDA lets Vaping flourish as it eyes crackdown on cigarettes." Undeniably, people cannot overrule the tremendous detrimental effects of the traditional cigarettes. These effects range from the social to health, and can profoundly affect the well-being of an individual (Pope, 2017). As an attempt to crackdown its continued utilization and minimize these effects, the article discusses the initiatives by the US government in trying to enhance Vaping while limiting the use of the traditional tobacco. While the unprecedented move by the government is appropriate primarily as a matter of protecting its citizens from the harmful effects of the substance, a major impact is however felt by the cigarette manufacturers who solely depend on the tobacco to manufacture their goods.


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