Article Analysis Essay on General Custer and the Little Bighorn

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Date:  2022-03-31


The article covers the story of George Armstrong Custer in the notorious little Bighorn which was a part of the broader battleground, the Sioux war between 1876 and 1877. He got in the battle and tried to defer the high odds of that soldiers do not die they just fade away. His last stand has lived in the minds of many earning him heroic titles and fates in the works of writers, poets and those who did literature work. He received accommodation in the hands of other troops at the edge of warriors from the battleground of Sioux and Cheyenne. His involvement and efforts in the last battle earned recognition in the works of history, poetic work and the news segments. That made him accrue federal credit as a soldier, and the Bighorn battle also remains one of the most referenced campaigns in the country. The intense of the struggle, the disaster that happened in the field and the excellence and articulacy of Custer in addition to the fame that got to his name has got a lot of controversies. Students from different disciplines have tried to go through the incidence in different perspectives to get the real view and interpretation of the case. The article has covered large figures and elaborated them. They have been pursued as mentioned above, to show the quality and intensity of the battle. It has been to approve the research as per by the many students, writers, and historians why Custer's name was worth keeping as a legend. It is with the figures that the public and the post-civil war generations can be able to relate to the disaster at bighorn. Without them, there would not be an adequate reason for giving a lot of hail and giving national recognition to Custer.

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In the post-civil war era as can be traced from the article, there were some technological developments and innovations. Some of the technological development in the time included the televisions. As can be derived from the information provided, some stations aired Custer's achievements; this meant that the airing innovations had come to place. Another advancement was in the publishing sector, this seems to have grown broad enough, and this is because there are a lot of written literature after the incident. It would not be wrong to name it as the most significant media platform. Another innovation can be determined from the archeological developments. Archaeology was used by the likes of Utley in finding more information about the little bighorn; this requires a lot of technological expertise and machinery.

During the post-civil war, the social climate was unstable. The people had not yet settled adequately after the civil war. There were still uncertainties of how things would turn out to be since the enemy lines were still in existence. It resulted in a few wars in different places in the perspective of eradicating tension. It was the reason why battles like the bighorn again came into existence. Nations wanted to make themselves more relevant, and so they had to make it felt by their closer elements. When the soldiers returned after the war, they were in high spirits to have returned. Which is because not all who went to the battlefields came back alive, most of them, in fact, died in the war. It catalyzed the morale of the soldiers after returning; they were very bitter to have seen their compatriots die. Thus they strived to look at their families, and nation settles in peace.

The article would have been better if the writer went ahead to give the real situation behind the death of Custer and the mystery of bighorn. That he has not done, instead, he has just gone ahead to give an overview of the battle and tell us that Custer died in a situation caused by the recklessness of his soldiers. There have been some flaws related to this article as read; there are a lot of repetition in between, all repeating on the same the battle and doing it within the same perspective. There should have been a look on it from people who viewed it from the same perspective; it would have been better and given more information.

The article had done some excellent research though very shallow. It can be traced from how the author is elaborating the information. Though the information on the report has denoted gotten from different sources, it all revolves around the same issue and developing the situation from a single perspective. More research would have been needed to inform the leader on the entry of Custer into the battle, the mistakes the soldiers made and how Custer perished. Otherwise, with just a few citations on the same fact, the research still calls for a lot of accommodation.


The author could have expanded the results by digging deep into the information written by historians and news Media from different angles. He has solely focused on the information relayed on the fame of Custer from the battle. Though well done, it would have been better and broader if he went ahead to give an account of what happened when Custer was fighting the Indians. The article would have been clearer than just saying he perished under the poor surveillance of his soldiers.

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