Article Analysis Essay Managing Across Cultures: Industrial Management

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Date:  2022-04-07


Managing is a skill that gets things done by others. The typical functions of management include planning, controlling, coordinating, and leading. These seemingly straightforward functions are bound to get complicated in various situations. The article presents the dimension of culture that in today's world would help in planning a supply chain. Additionally, doing business abroad also require one to be cognizant of the fact that culture has an impact, and learn and briefly about those cultures they were going to work and behave in particular customary manner. The paper focuses on three executives their endeavors to provide their expertise, find new markets, or close business deals. Their strategies consist of customers, competition, technology, international trends, and internal assessments.

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Collectively Peter, Alan, and Paul for success abroad ought to deploy effective supply chain strategies in addition to gaining cultural understanding. Peter as an expatriate moving to Mexico needs to assess the possibilities of new supply chain capabilities and ensure a supply chain collaboration to achieve and maintain competitiveness. This fete is possible with the manager translating his findings into management behaviour. His success will, therefore, depend on the ability to optimize the entire chain. Alan in exploring a new market for his custom glass manufacturing, his strategy must focus on the needs of his customers. Additionally, his plan should include SWOT Analysis to internally assess ranking with his competition, available technology, trends and possibilities of a new supply chain. Similarly, this approach also applies to Paul if he has to close more sales.

There are scores of other additional factors external to a business entity that could limit a business success. Political and economic, global costs and environmental costs. Changes in government, policies and global politics can result in significant shifts on who buys from or sells to who. In extreme cases, political unrests upheavals and uprising distort the entire business environment breaking of any prospects ever to do business there again. Diplomatic rifts between nations and regional markets may also result in significant change trade dynamics. Moreover, each administration is elected to office with a set of policies that may make or break businesses. Business executives, therefore, mostly have to contend with shaping their activities to comply with the operational legislation advanced around employment, health and safety, ethics, and quality control, and the tax regime in place.

The finance environment covers both economic and global cost factors, and these factors play a significant role in determining consumers purchasing powers or prospecting the right supplier. Economics or a region or a nation bring about inflation that in turn affect global costs of doing business. Timing appropriately when one makes an investment move, therefore, guarantees success for the managers.


In conclusion, the articles focus on cultural factors, one of the environmental factors the article offers an informative aspect to the global marketplace. Any business wishing to go worldwide cannot afford to provide a one-size fit with all approach. It must suit its supply chain strategies to their target market guided by the customer need, competition, the business SWOT analysis; it must also focus on external factors such as political, financial, cultural, technological, and global trends. Learning other cultures is a vital asset to all business executives.

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