Arguments Made During 2018 Virginia State Assembly Essay

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Virginia State Assembly is the legislative arm of Virginia one of the US states; this is the body which has the power of amending and passing the bill to become law. This assembly is said to be bi-cameral consisting of two chambers, lower house (the house of the delegates) and the upper house (Virginia House of Delegates). Therefore, this paper will be discussing and document then vital arguments which were considered during 2018 by the Virginia State Assembly (Sullivan).

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Bill Related to the Sanctuary

According to, (Sullivan)the bill which aimed at prohibiting sanctuary towns around Virginia, The bill states that there would not any location in the city will be allowed in adopting any law or policy which hinders implementation of immigrant's laws. This law was introduced by Gov.Ralph Northam who explained that the legislature needs to impose regulations which they are related to their policies as a way of getting chance to use their resources in the performance of their functions which are connected and has the same responsibility with the federal immigration body. In his argument, he went ahead and stated that all the localities in Virginia have the right of deciding if they are going to expend their resources as well as voluntarily to get into an agreement with United States immigration departments and Customs Enforcement Agency (Angel).Virginias 2018 General Assembly concludes lawmakers. This bill aimed at barring the concerned locations from getting into any association with federal immigration programs.

Virginia House and the Senate differed on Medicaid expansion in the state government

There was a special session which called to address the Virginia state budget after its Virginia assembly had adjourned to its year 2018 sessions before sending a budget bill to the office of the governor. However, during this discussion, the two sides seemed to differ in the argument on whether they are supposed to put place Medicaid health care in the budget. However, the house still passed the bill which included both medical expansion but the Senate didn't add that to their budget. The purpose of this bill was to ensure that, there is the inclusion of affordable health care in the federal government which will be paying up to 90% of the Medicaid expenses (Angel). However, the Republican lawmakers seemed not to agree with the law. According to the report which was released, these Medicaid is said to provide medical facilities to over 400,000 Virginias residents who can't afford medical facilities and other health care's services. However, they were very optimistic that with time everything will be alright and the Medicaid issue will take positively (Richmond Times).

Metro Funding

During this session, the members suggested that their ids need of funding metro and ensuring that the state will continue funding it as a way of providing that its continuity is rebuilding its needs in the long run. According to Terry, the outgoing governor stated that there is a need for adding extra funds in the budget which proposed in that month. However, the local representatives said that there is much to be done as a way of ensuring that their working collogues who are working outside the city that metro is very valuable as a whole commonwealth economy (Richmond Times). According to the report given, it showed that Northern Virginia transport board has estimated that subway itself it brings in more than $600 million to their state every year. Both they came into an agreement that, they will come up with t good plan which will bring together all the legislators from northern Virginia and take them round in the region through several paths as a way of making the experience traffic congestion and from that they will be able to advocate for the metro project.

Absentee Voting

Also, another agenda which was brought forth during the meeting; this meant that any voter in the house could request for an absentee ballot without explaining why he or she needs a voting absentee. According to their point of view, they said that absentee voting would be of much help especially with this young and active population in the state(Richmond Times).They agreed that after several democratic rights then, it will be enacted to be used. In that case, this will be a great way of ensuring that, the election is free from hacking. However, the challenge came in when they said that, as a way of supporting this plan, it needs funding. Such factors will result in the local registration board to go out of their way to find means of meeting the laid demands (Sanguib). As a result, it was perceived to be very costly and again a tedious process to implement. However, it was left hanging till the next meeting when the leaders will be discussing it and come up with the best solutions.

Another thing discussed during this meeting was cases about environmental issues. These issues were seen to more challenging to the general assembly because had given authority of passing measures which will be hindering the emission of green housed gases. As a result, they were opting to encourage the people to be using solar energy as well tree preservation (Sanguib).Hence, was a way of ring ton conserving environment which according to the ministry of the environment department complained about environmental pollution due to an emission of greenhouse gases. These green gases portray a threat to their environment, but they obtained assurance that everything was in the right place by the co-chair of bipartisan Virginia because they had already set up other sources of energy to replace greenhouses power. These alternatives included renewable Energy surrounding them (Ress ).

Medical Bills to Crime Victims

The republic delegates stated that they would work concurrently with the democrat's representatives to make sure that, they have come into agreeable terms of passing the bill which will ensure that crime victim will be receiving medical bills and other related services. In most case, realized that the victims of crimes sometimes they are severely injured, and so they have to undergo severe medical operations such, as surgery which it's very costly (Ress). As a result of the burden of the medical charges, some of they don't get quality services hence making them physically disabled. Others, after the incident, they went the long rout of auctioning all their valuables, and by the tie, they recover they been left penniless( Ress).Therefore, was brought up after analyzing several events of the crime victims who have been affected, but they never got a privilege of getting money for their medical bills. Thus, agreed that the principal aim of making that bill work was to have a house budget that had included Medicaid on its budget and follow the same procedure (Sanguib). However, the most significant challenge was from the house of the Senate over the issue of the Medicaid because they said that balancing of the budget was to be very challenging. Again, it w noted that money allocation would be very hard to estimate not unless the Medicaid settled and it's not an easy procedure (Ress). As a result of the disagreement, the issue was left hanging till next delegate when will be discussed the next meeting.

Virginia N.C pipeline

Early this year, Virginia Commonwealth had an agreement with Atlantic Coast pipeline. The deal was Virginia to permit the pipe to pass through private and public ownership properties as they deliver gases in the towns situated along the routes (Friends of Nelson). And it was followed by a signing of the agreeable terms document which was signed by Leslie Harts, assistant minister of energy. The term stated that the two parties were to pay $58 million for the program. However, Virginia seemed to go against the times, by saying that, Atlantic Coast Pipeline is supposed to pay a certain amount so to be able to solve any environmental impacts which caused during the construction of the pipeline (Friends of Nelson). It went ahead and gave out the specific share of the money needed for them to be able to address conservation of their forests and water during the operation. Thus, the agreement was said to be between the pipeline body and the state.

Filling of the Case Against Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

According to the report released by,(Richmond Times,) early this year, attorney general of Virginia and other citizens presented a claim to the United States Court of appeal, requesting the court to check and review the laid rules of FERC which approved the Atlantic coastline to operate. Nevertheless was as a result of, any complainants which were addressed by the public, concerning inadequateness of the evidence and certification concerning the justification of the issuing of the certificate to federal energy regulatory commission, which the commission had declined in acknowledging its credibility (Friends of Nelson).As a result, the FERC leader, Cheryl LaFleur responded to those complained by saying the experts issued that for the last three years. Therefore, she went ahead and judged that sharing the sighing of the agreement; they never looked about the thin line between the benefits of the pipeline and the cost to incur which seemed to outweigh the benefits. As a result, she urged the FERC to go back to the drawing board and review the projects again.

Utilization of the Legislation on Costly Energy

The state said that the ownership and the usage of the power could be expensive which will result in additional charges to the taxpayers in the country. As a result, this will make the General Assembly bar their customers from receiving their refunds for about six years; hence this will result to the accumulation of billions of charges which in the long run they will not be able to settle. Therefore, this led the delegates and the senators from both sides to request State Corporation Commission to balance the possibilities and remove the controversial rate free law passed in 2015( Friends of Nelson). It is because from their perspective point of view it hindered the rates which could have given them over hundred million dollars the control and the rule of other regulated utilities in Virginia. As a way of delaying the commission to order for the refund, Gov. Ralph Northam explained that there were also other reservations which were set aside for the legislature too. Moreover, the commission revealed that the two houses, (main house and senate) would ensure that the current rate set has been frozen for about six years shortly. Thus, this meant that their Appalachian customers would get their compensation in 2024, one year earlier before the Dominion customers 2025 (Ress).

The ownership of the pipeline is majorly relying on the well and prominent people in the state. It argued that the control of the pipe was solely under the hands of the Virginia old friends. It was revealed by the lobbyist and judges during their meeting at the general assembly, after complaining that, there was a massive difference in the company 2018 compared to the last three years. Was when the Dominion had no any friction in passing laws which related to energy? But currently, the state's energy charges and bills said touch higher than expected. As a result, they claimed that the country is trying to befriend the lawmakers in the country who had taken a lump sum of dollars in the contribution of the campaigns (Angel).Therefore; the legislation had to allow them to charge extra charges as a way of trying to recover those dollars.

Issuance of the License Permit of Atlantic Coast Pipeline by West Virginia

West Virginal environmental body has issued part for the operation of the Atlantic Coast pipeline as a way of accepting them to construct Stormwater used in carrying their natural gas towards the south of the stat...

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