Argumentative Essay Example on the Impact of Illegal Immigration in the USA

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Date:  2021-04-07

What is the impact of illegal immigration? What should we do about it?

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According to Merino and Noel, Illegal migration is the act of people migrating across the borders of two nations in a way that violates the laws of immigration of the destination country (45). In the year 2012, Illegal Immigration was described by Merino and Noel as the case where people migrate from the poorer to richer nations such as the case of people migrating from Mexico to the USA (18). Illegal migration occurs when the illegal migrants weigh the benefits of migrating successfully and find that they are greater than the risks, then illegal migration becomes their option.

As described by LeMay and Michael, among the many nations that have experienced large populations of illegal immigrants is the US (19). Many illegal immigrants from Mexico have made it to the US through the porous border between the two nations thus bringing a number of impacts to the economy of the US. According to Anderson and Stuart, the economic impacts that have been caused by these immigrants are not only hard to measure but also politically contentious (27).

The economy of the US has been affected by this illegal immigration as the state and local governments provide services at a cost to unauthorized immigrants while the governments have very little options for minimizing those costs (Immigration: Economic impacts 10). These costs spent by the governments in the provision of these services are a percentage of what could have been used in the provision of the same services to the actual citizens in their areas of jurisdiction. Despite the illegal immigrants generating revenues for the governments, the revenues do not meet the cost of the services provided to them by the government (Reid Kennedy Bills Amnesty 14).

To curb the problem of illegal immigration as described by Gray and James, the US government has to secure its borders through the use of technology that can help reduce the flow of the immigrant into the country through adequate funding and commitment by the government (12). Also, there is the need to establish an effective and friendly program for guest-workers. This will help reduce the illegal immigration by inviting those people who need jobs to those jobs that are not being done by Americans according to Levy and Jeny (35). Prosecuting and surveillance of those people who employ people who are not legally in the USA will help reduce the immigration once an effective guest-worker program is established.


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