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Best refers to the quality of the argument and how it exploits element that makes a good argument. it is something that exhibits the quality of one of the required content. In any given scenario to compare which one of the poems do sound successful and powerful, there is always one that does it better than others. In this case, here we are given four types of the arguments. We are going to compare these arguments on the basis of how they are effective to the audience and what effect it also creates to the audience. The arguments are specifically designated to draw conclusions and find out more about the topic which might be complex to the audience. There are given criteria that are generally used in determining which one of the four given arguments stands out to be the best of all. My choice for the best argument does revolve around the vast elements of the argument; what makes up good arguments. Here we also going to check and analyze every concept of these four arguments that would help us develop a successful and powerful argument. Styles that are amused to the audience play a significant role in determining the type of the audience. The paper here analyses and compares the types of the arguments and what makes one of them sound better than the rest. It also analyses the problem that involves decision accountability as well as incomplete information.

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The different sets of the definitions given in each type of the arguments form the basis of the comparison through which these given arguments are based on. The decision is also categorized into different levels to give the specific information about the argument. In Jefferson argument "Declaration of Independence" it is superior argument compared to the three remaining types of the arguments (Dworkin pg. 133). Looking also at this type of the arguments it has the more counting numbers of the definitions. This number of the definition counts makes it more successfully and powerful when compared to the remaining three arguments. The three remaining arguments with fewer definitions are Declaration of the sentiments, an end of blind obedience and profession for women.

We also compare the four sets of the arguments based on the proposition and find out the type of the argument that has an act of the terms to consider the ideas. The declaration of the independence seems quite good because it borrows so many of the ideas from the same conversation. It is set to agree with these set of the ideas, in this case, and that possibly makes it the successful and most powerful argument compared to remaining three arguments. The profession for women argument does fail at using the proposition but, instead introduces irony in the context where it does not fit to be the most successful and powerful argument compared to the declaration of independence.

The strengths of the arguments also do still differ between these four types of the arguments. The difference in their strengths helps us find out the best powerful argument for the others. In the first argument, the declaration of the independence, there seem to be long of the full strength of information. The declaration of the independence has strength information because most of its based information is true, not imagined it. Declaration of independence force of argument seems real and reliable. It establishes institutional and memory levels, unlike the other types of the arguments like a profession for women, it has the little degree of the memory creation level. The declaration of the sentiments also does create the memory as it uses and incorporates the sense of the declaration of independence in the creation of the memory.

Looking at the preference relations between the four different types of the arguments, each part of the argument does have preference relations between arguments. The best argument here can be determined by focusing on the most significantly important kind of the preference relations between arguments. The force of argument between the four different kinds of the argument would tell which to focus more on. The declaration of sentiments uses the specific power diction to create the same phrase between women and men. This is not the case in a blind end to blood obedience. The type of the obedience uses virtue to create the different hypothesis of man and woman.


In summary, there are times that we get ourselves to arguments which sometimes tend to sharpen our way of thinking. The different types of arguments have got the different degree of competence when they are altogether compared. We experience the difference as arguments use the varied degree and forces in presenting their arguments. The arguments are compared in different forms and ways to gauge and find out the most outstanding type of the argument. There are also specific criteria that are used in comparing and contrasting between the given numbers of arguments. An argument is termed successfully when it exploits all the characters that make a successful and powerful argument.

Work cited

Dworkin, Ronald. "Liberal community." Sexual Orientation and Rights. Routledge, 2017. 133-158.

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