Aravind Eye Hospital Case Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-23

Aravind eye hospital began in 1976 at a time when blindness treatment was perceived very expensive and not reachable to the vast majority. Aravind eye hospital made eye care affordable to the poor just as the rich. The poor could get affordable care at subsidized prices or almost at no cost. Aravind eye hospital started with 11 beds and few doctors dedicated to applying the best of their skills to provide high-quality services to people in the surrounding communities. Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy, the man behind the innovative idea, brought the hospital into existence at a time when he had no funding. For instance, he had to sell his own house to give birth to the eye care hospital. Since 1976, it has grown into a chain of hospitals that cared for 32 million patients in 36 years and performed around 4 million surgeries with most of them having a subsidized fee. The Aravind Eye Care hospitals model has been used in several case studies due to its success (Rangan, 2009).

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In the hospital, the chief operations include: providing free treatment for curable eye problems, patients can come at any time of the day for the services, with or without an appointment, doctors are professional with well equipped modern technology. Provision of quality service is a priority and lastly, provide free eye care to the poor and less fortunate in society. The customer base is mostly people who cannot afford medical care. The main driving force of the hospital is transparency, integrity, and quality. Revenue generation comes from treatment on customers who can afford the medical care and also those who come from well of society. More financing comes through organizing medical camps with several Non-profits and philanthropists.

Aravind eye hospital has an effective system because it has taken them a short period with limited resources to create a philanthropic brand. People who lack enough cash do not need to travel far in search of proper eye care as Aravind is just a stone throw away. The Aravind hospital caters for free transport to and from the medical centers. Also, Aravind doctors provide 200 surgeries which are more than six times the national average. Their system is highly efficient. They rely on a team of train paramedics whereby the fewer skills can perform simple tasks such as cleaning the eyes thus allowing the highly trained surgeons to operate at least two people in the same room at the same time (Shah, Narendran & Kalpana, 2018).

When it comes to educational training, they conduct many training programs for the nurses, surgeons and also the newcomers. Dr. G. Ventakaswamy clinical research and operations research. Mr. Ventakaswamy got inspired by Sri Aurobindo and also Mc Donald's business model. The Aravind eye care model emphasized on standardization and ability to reproduce. They wanted a considerable volume of production at a lower cost through training staff in the essential skills and using the same formula of the techniques to ensure the model could be applied even in a different location (Sharma & Kakoti, 2012). Aravind eye care provided that quality of service is not compromised while expanding the facilities. It is now in many countries in the universe but giving the same principles of giving fast, quality and affordable treatment to the community.

Key Factors That Led to Aravind's Success

They had successful innovations. They were able to adopt suitable systems and procedures that made it possible to give eye care services that were affordable to people both at reduced prices or free of charge. It enhanced growth in both the operations and organization of finances. Secondly, their organization culture which was motivated by the urge to serve the society was crucial in creating a distinctive culture of the organization dedicated to helping humanity. Thirdly, they were driven for social change. The Aravind eye hospital was established with its main aim being to serve, integrated with a strategy of marketing. All the operations and marketing revolve around helping the community, and this strategy markets the hospital. This method is so useful in making the society aware of your services and also attracts funding and sponsorship from companies, nation and the rest of the world. Lastly, there is the quality of care. Aravind reduces its cost of services without compromising the standards of its machinery or medicinal drugs or even the productivity of doctors and nurses.

Role of Dr. V So Far

Dr. V. goes against all the odds by proving to be a leader that is innovative and has a very passionate vision, with unmoved willpower and dedication to serving humanity. The big picture behind the innovation is to grow and spread Aravind eye hospital to all parts of his country, India, the whole of Asia, the Africa continent and the entire world. Also, to provide free and quality eye care at no cost to the needy and poor people with blindness that can be cured but cannot afford to pay so as they can be treated. He is a gentleman who supports his ideas and motivates those around him so that they can increase their efficiency. He is so much devoted to serving humanity because, after his retirement, he did not just rest but worked extra hard to bring up the Aravind eye hospital.

Evaluation of Service Between Free and Paid Hospital

The paying hospital had a variety of classes; this allows people to chose the amount of privacy they want plus the facilities and also varying price levels. In the free hospitals, the outpatient facilities were not in good order as compared to the paying hospital. Secondly, there is reduced support staff, most of the surgeries were an intracspular type(ICCE), people were much more crowded, and large rooms which have an accommodation capacity of 20-30 patients hence lack sufficient beds.

Aravind's Financing

Aravind eye care hospital has a financial success story because unlike other health nonprofits that depend on their fundings from the government and donors; it can raise money to run the free hospitals through money collected from the main hospital.


To sum everything up, the Aravind hospital is a success and has helped many less fortunate people recover their eye sights through free medical healthcare. They follow their principals of providing free quality healthcare which is a blessing to many people. The hospital has shown substantial growth from an 11-bed center to a worldwide recognized chain of hospitals. The hospitals model is now widely used in case studies.


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