Appealing to Logos: A Visual Analysis of Ethos, Pathos and Logos

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Date:  2023-05-03

It is crucial for the writer that before they present their arguments to their audience they have to consider the logos of their presentation for instance, they have to appeal to the logos of their presentation as they try to persuade their audience towards a particular argument or issue. Oral arguments have been passed down from generation to another, and therefore this paper is a discussion of the three modes of persuasion; ethos, pathos, and logos regarding visual analysis of a text. The three methods of persuasion, ethos, pathos, and logos, play a considerable role in every presentation to an audience. It is quite clear that these features complement each other.

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Ethos is the belief or trust that the audience in the writer. The conviction they built in the argument of the visual presentation. The subject has to be well presented; for instance, in a poster case, and it is evident that there is no specific audience. This means that the writer has to consider the audience they address (Rosenthal, 1966). In this case, the visual has to build relatable credentials in his audience; what comes in the mind of the audience in the first view is very important in a visual presentation. Pictures speak louder than words, therefore for communication to take place, it is not a must. We include words, and there could be a full communication process by use of pictures only, this also determines who the picture address. The visual adds more information that the text does not discuss, it also helps create vivid images at the mind of the audience on what the text may entail. They have to be logic depending on the target audience; for this case, there is no specific target audience for the picture; any person can see and analyze it (Rosenthal, 1966).

The presentation determines the persuasive power of a visual text, the advantage of this is that the writer does not require to be present to offer an explanation while the other side audiences can get the message. Differently, they might not hit the intended message in the same manner. Logos, referring to how logic the picture is, the logo is a crucial feature in the presentation, for instance, the rational principle expresse4d in the argument is logic to all types of audiences (Vivian, 2007). The audience has to be skilled enough to translate the visual into the intended message by the writer; for instance, in the picture, 'The show mustn't go on' is meant to communicate a specific message that appeals to its presentation. The predominant focus, in this case, is the visual as it also helps deepen the audience's understanding of the text. As leopards are a presentation of bravery, there also exists a population in the crowd that will have have a different interpretation; for instance, some will understand it in a manner that does not even relate to the main argument of the writer (Vivian, 2007). The ropes on the leopard's legs would also mean the restrictions to go on with the show; thus they represent the restrictions to the show, it also represents the objection of the crowd's expectations. This content in the presentation plays a huge role in the presentation of the intended message by the writer.

Pathos is a persuasion mode that appeals to the audience feeling and emotions towards the presentation, for instance, different presentation may it be a speech, public speaking or a plays eludes mixed feelings and moods to the audience, this implies that what I feel a certain presentation is not what the other person may feel. If the visual was missing, the audience would not know what to expect unless they read the text. This implies that the writer must present an argument that influences the listener's emotions from their point of view (Emanuel, Rodrigues & Martins, 2015). It appears the strongest mode of persuasion, for instance, the character are well depicted to the entire audience, in the visual the show mustn't go on the feeling eluded by this visual is a pity and sadness and suspense as the audience wonder why the show must be stopped, what could be the cause of the closure. The representation of the leopard eludes mercy, and the crowd might as why it has to be an order to the point of tying it. The writer has to make sure that the three aspects of rhetorical presentation are met so as to impress his audience in that they will not be left in suspense or unsatisfied by the presentation, on the other hand, the audience has to follow keenly in case of a visual presentation mostly when it is not a live audience as people may have different translations of the same visual presentation (Emanuel, Rodrigues & Martins, 2015). The visual can be placed at the start of the text to educate the audience on what they expect from the text.

In conclusion, audiences have to adhere to the visual presentation in a manner that they can relate to the intended message by the writer, as much as the primary duty is to the writer the audience have still some responsibilities to allow for effectiveness.


Emanuel, B., Rodrigues, C., & Martins, M. (2015, August). Rhetoric of interaction: Analysis of pathos. In International Conference of Design, User Experience, and Usability (pp. 417-427). Springer, Cham.

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