Anxiety Disorders

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Date:  2021-03-19

This anxiety is a normal part of the development of children but when it is excessive it is classified as a disorder. Studies have cited that this disorder affects approximately 4% of children and roughly 7% of adults worldwide (Pakula et al., 2016). This disorder is often more severe in children where a brief separation from a guardian can cause the child to panic. This disorder can be treated through family therapy and medication to prevent this anxiety in children. Situational anxiety is caused by an encounter of new situations and changing events in an environment. It can be caused by some events that make particular individuals uncomfortable for example crowded places and standing in tight spaces, for example, a queue in a bank (Williams et al., 2016). For other people, anxiety is experienced during major events and transitions in life such as marriage, entry into college and having children. This disorder affects members of all ages in a particular community as they advance in life. The anxiety disorder to be discussed in this paper is obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is a condition where a person has strong obsessions and compulsions which do not result from the use of any drugs, these obsessions cause the individual to be in distress and are characterized by social dysfunction (Bedwell et al., 2016). People with this disorder are urged to repeat certain acts which give them relieve from the anxiety. Studies cite that around 1% of adults worldwide suffer from this disorder and it affects children more because it is cited that 3% of children globally are diagnosed with this obsessive disorder (Bedwell et al., 2016). People with this disorder have internal struggles against their thoughts and behaviors. This disorder can result from external events which are fearful for example worry of behaving inappropriately of fire accidents as a result of forgetting to switch off the stove and gas cylinder. Some people develop this disorder as a result genetic and neurobiological disorders. This disorder is chronic and it can be overcome easily. Research conducted by medical experts has cited that 20% of people overcome it with ease and the symptoms are greatly reduced over time (Bedwell et al., 2016).

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The knowledge of mood and anxiety disorders is scanty especially among the elderly whereas these disorders have serious implications on the health of these individuals in the communities globally. Sensitization should be done in order to enlighten people on the existence of these disorders and also on ways to identify them early enough in order to seek for treatment before these conditions become prolonged and get out of hand. This paper has portrayed that mood and anxiety disorders affect people from all walks of life in any community and they do not discriminate individuals in a particular age but are prevalent from little children to the aged adults. It is thus important to sensitize people about these d...

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