Answers on the Book - House of Purple Cedar

Paper Type:  Course work
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Date:  2021-04-14

1. Nuhullo is a corrupt form of the word Nahoolo from the Choctaw community, and it means large white figures in the sky. It has a negative connotation considering people had to endure deaths and abandon their land because of the invaders. Rose dislikes them. Roses school burned, and twenty girls got killed in the incident. Marshal Hardwicke torments her grandfather Amafo, but the grandfather chooses forgiveness.

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2. Choctaw community learn to forgive as opposed to revenge. They lost their land and the innocent children who died in the fire. Soon afterward, schools revive, and individual schools meant for the orphan boys and girls are built. One would think that the community would have sort revenge and take arms against the invaders that inflicted pain on them. Most communities will resort to diplomacy and negotiations in todays world. It is particularly interesting when the mob catches up with Terrance, and instead of tormenting him to death, they leave what they think is justice to take its course.

3. The choice of nation style is to delivering the complete story to us at a neutral point of view. The author avoids emotional motivation in telling this part of the story until the point she wears the shoes of the deceased mother. A mother should not let burry his child drives us to depths of emotions of the mother, and it lures us to sympathize with her case. The author delivers the story in a way that the readers can be part of the story and identify themselves with the predicaments of this community. In the first part, the author achieves neutrality in telling this story and later lures the readers to identify with the pain of the community and its losses. This gives an in-depth analysis of the case.

4. I learned to see through Amafo's spider web eye means her grandfather greatly influences Rose's perception and way of doing things. Amafo is a respected member of society. After he receives a thorough beating from Marshall, he chooses to remain levelheaded and forgive though he had the ability to seek revenge. Rose learn the art of forgiveness from his grandfather, and this turns out to be the way to peaceful coexistence. Amafo appears to be a polite person, that of a sound mind which values the interest of the community.

5. The Native American Community had great respect for guests and they always prepared to look fit for their guests. Despite there being plenty to eat and drink, this community did so with moderation. Entertainment and order seem to punctuate events.

The Marshall streams in from the back door; he has no regards for the guests and drinks more than he needs. He behaves badly and is soon left on his own. Marshal represents tyranny; he has no regard or respect for other people as he selfishly goes in front of the queue.

6. Rose shelves lessons of responsible drinking, basic behavior in public gatherings, proper dressing, and appreciation of other people. Rose also learns to support the family from her grandmother and the way she treats Amafo. The audience applauds the entertainers to show recognition and support to them, and this insists on support system in society. Marshall beats up his wife, something that we do not see in the Choctaw nation. Roses grandmother mentors her to be a woman she is today, and that credits the role of women in Choctaw society.

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