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Date:  2021-04-19 15:16:34
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Responsive design techniques require different ways of thinking. The design strategies are both challenging and exciting at the same time. The art out art has been complex for a long time to the extent it was defined by several fixed elements. From the article, designing has become more complicated simply because the layout have become adaptive. In a bid to help understand the idea of the layout, we are going to present some interesting responsive design patterns that have been implemented by different web designers.

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Adobe designers provide eight steps used to design a simple responsive layout. The first step is the use of Cloud Libraries. The second step is the use of comp CC. after the text CC the designer can add text to the rectangular layout. The designer then flashes out the responsive layout using Adobe Photoshop; the Photoshop document is the transferred to Dreamweaver is a common editor with most of the websites.

After transferring the document to Dreamweaver, we add responsive components to the websites. Successful components integration will lead us to test our site on the mobile platform.

Analysis of Web Design Patterns:

There are several web design patterns. Our first web design pattern was Piet Mondrian.

It takes three simple line of content that is separated by a thick link. The initial state is very versatile. The versatile feature can hold up to a very less reduction of width. There are other patterns such as column flip. The pattern divides the information into the column.


Annotation of the Chosen Patterns:

Mostly Fluid

It is the most fluid and primarily a grid layout. The above screenshots have a grid layout. In different screen, it changes the shape as per the type of the screen. The screenshot does not demonstrate clarity when the website is viewed on a very small screen.

Column Drop

Another pattern is the one with a multi-column layout. This pattern has to drop columns. It changes as the screen gets. Unlike the fluid pattern, the overall size of this pattern stays consistent.

Layout Shifter

The pattern is the best layout on screen. It is considered to be more adaptive to more size. It uses large screens medium screens and small screens. The layout is less popular due to its design complexities.

Tiny Tweaks

The layout takes a simple form of adapting. It also the least popular. This can also be explained by the fact that most companies are enjoying luxury of using simple layouts. Therefore the reason why most companies do not appreciate the layout is that of its complexity.

Off Canvas

The pattern also has common characteristics with the rest of the designs. This characteristics includes simplicity and it all tend to stack everything vertically on small screens resulting in long pages full of diverse components. Perhaps less obviously, they all also rely only on the screen space available to them to make layout adjustments.


The above screenshot has deployed the use of simple pattern. The use of column. However, the design does. This pattern has to drop columns. It changes as the screen gets. Unlike the fluid pattern, the overall size of this pattern stays consistent.

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