Analysis of the Patriot Games Book Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-23

Generally, the book is a thriller that analyzes the cost of terrorism and the sacrifices people go through to fight back for their independence. Jack Ryan, the main character interferes with the Ulster Liberation Army (ULA) activities of kidnapping the son of Wales and their prince and princess. Ryan blocks the terrorists from succeeding with their ambush plan.

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However, Jack kills one of the terrorists while injuring the other ones who visit a hospital for an emergency operation. The book displays the image of the patriots struggling for independence by fighting the terrorists. Jack Ryan finds that terrorist can be personal regardless of being global challenge-affecting individuals from all over.

Besides, Ryan gets arm injury from the attack and spends approximately six hours of surgery with the company of Anthony Wilson. Ryan recalls nothing from the previous incidence (Book rags, n.d). Some individual's plans revenge against Ryan for their friend's death and vow to kill anybody who tries to stop them.

The theme of violence and revenge displays accurately in the book. Children kidnapping usually results to attack as both sides use force to restore peace. In most circumstance, terrorists kidnap children or other people in exchange for money or power by the government. It is common in many states due to the greediness and selfishness of a few individuals especially those in the government. They indirectly want power-using terrorists, which brings about the act of violence in a society.

Injury and deaths of innocent individuals usually result from violence. However, a brave and dedicated fighter stands against it and decides to catch the terrorists. The writer tries to bring the reader's mind close to the attack. The image of the terrorist who escapes a scene without police arrest is well displayed.

There is a theme of betrayal when one terrorist is in the hands of the soldiers. The detainee faces a series of torture to reveal all the secrets of their group. Humans are full of greedy minds as Sean; the detainee betrays the group due to a money promise. Therefore, there are no secrets between two people as when a problem emerges everybody will run for their dear life. Money corrupts human mindset thus one can do anything for pay even betraying their friends.

Ryan recovery is taken positively as the Duke of Edinburgh welcomes him to the palace. Therefore, somebody's braveness can open doors to a beautiful future. It takes only a few individuals to be strong enough to face the terrorists. Ryan gets to dine together with a king and queen in the palace.

The detainee was laid in court ready for the sentence because of death, murder, and kidnap charges. Thus, every action an individual take has its consequences. It is advisable to maintain good moral so that to live a peaceful life without quarrels. The rate of corruption in the judicial sector is wanting.

The lawyers are hugely paid thus fights for the terrorists in court. The poor usually suffers as they do not have money to bribe lawyers hence many terrorists becomes free again. It leads to an increase of terror attacks in the society as the gangsters continue to misuse the poor.

The joy and happiness from friends and family members to welcome one of their lost sons back home is unexplainable. Moreover, Ryan rejoices with the family and fills contented for accomplishing the mission and getting home alive. Regardless of the struggle soldiers go through in line of their duty, they vow to serve the people with dignity.

The book portrays the theme of patriotism in a clear picture. Patriotic people always perform their duties for the benefit of the entire nation. They follow commands and rules governing them all the time.

Also, the terrorist's comeback targets the chief suspect on the other side. Ryan's family was the main target on the revenge version. The troop is more extensive with the inclusion of a very dangerous man with a history of prison escape. The fight for a family is always worth it. Thus, Jack vows to find the wife and child. Upon the family recovery, Jack decides to live a normal life and cease chasing the terrorists.

However, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continues tracking down the terrorist whereabouts until they arrest them to pay for their actions. Besides, patriotic soldiers should not give up on their duties. Ryan returns to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) offices to continue with the aim of catching the attackers. Spies are always within an organization hence revealing all the plans to the attackers making it hard to trace them.

The book explains that all sins done by the human are punishable no matter how long it takes. It can take years to catch the terrorist that interrupts with the people's coexistence, but one day they pay for their actions. Patience and hard work are the principal characters when dealing with attackers. Ryan thinks that the FBI is slow in their duties to unveil the attackers, but they need a definite plan to handle them.

Finally, they are caught and laid in court for their judgment. The judicial sectors should rule according to the law, not for their appraisal. They should face a death sentence as they kill many innocent civilians in their mission. It will help the affected families to cure the tremor.


In conclusion, violence always causes death and misery to the poor innocent citizens. However, the government should put regulatory measures to prevent any form of abuse including the terrorists. It also leads to economic destabilization that causes prices to increase hence need to prevent terrorism.


Book rags, (n.d). Patriot Games Summary & Study Guide. Retrieved from

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