Analysis of Changes in Personal Definition of Conflict and Conflict Resolution Style

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Today, for any business to be deemed successful, it has to work with people according to their set skill, being the reality in the business field. Having the condition in mind, businesses will at some several instances be forced into working with individuals whom they may not like or even tolerate their ideologies. In that case, such businesses are expected to develop ways with which it will ensure that it meets both the competitive advantage and efficiency without being compromised by such instances. In the business field, it is common to experience certain situations that lead one to take stands that may be completely different from that of others in the field. In most occasions, such rare decisions are always detrimental to the wellbeing of the business and thus deserve quick resolution. People will always find themselves in disagreements with others in all aspects of life such volunteer activities, relationships, and more importantly at work.

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Conflicts in any business organization will always have the potential to hinder the appropriate business operations and working conditions in the organization. If not timely managed, the tension resulting from the conflict between the two parties will always be detrimental to the organization (Wood & Bell, 2008). The differences that result in conflict in an organization can be as a result of emotional, political, personal, or even financial matters. The key factor here is that conflict can potentially be the breeding ground for negative outcomes in an organization and must, therefore, be timely managed with the best approach. With every passing day in this course, it is blatant that each and every case of conflict has the tendency of being unique from others, despite the fact that most of them may have similar principles analyzable when studying the individual cases. Such situations in which people tend to have incompatible interests, feelings or principles and goals describe the conflict. Therefore, conflict describes a case whereby two or people or group experience discomforting differences (Wood & Bell, 2008).

In case of conflict in an organization, fear stands out to be among the strongest element taking the center stage. With physical or non-physical, the conflict will always get people in a situation of wanting either to flee or face the situation. The decision to either flee or face the situation depends on an individual character and is mostly determined by the psychological structure of the individual. The option to either approach or flee the situation is typically molded and depends on the analysis of the situation. According to various works of research on conflict, and as is evident when considering the real-life situation, it evidently clear that our ability to treasure the importance of appropriate conflict resolution measures is the key (Evans, 2013). An individual's involvement in any conflict situation can be a motivational factor towards developing peaceful resolution measures or worsening the difference. What is important is that the parties involved find a resolution measure that does not compromise the operation and hence the existence of the organization.

Communication is one of the most important concepts in as far as conflict and conflict resolution is concerned. The way we communicate significantly determines whether the measures employed in resolving the existing conflict would be successful or not. It is based on the notion that clear communication reduces chances of miscommunication which is another cause of conflict, as well as any setback that is determinable for the same, according to Brad Evans (2013). The way we approach one another have a profound impact on our ability and tendency to solve the conflict in a business setting. This is from the fact that almost everyone in a business setting is different and thus the resolution process is likely to involve multiple individuals with diverse views and every case is unique in its own way. In any case, conflict can possibly involve multiple parties and hence many people being involved in the resolution process. The ability of any individual or party to develop a conclusive approach to resolving the conflict is the key to avoiding the unwanted cases might compromise the productivity of the organization. Therefore, any party involves in conflict resolution in a business setting must be able to communicate exceptionally well throughout the process if the desired result was to be realized.

From a psychological point of view, and as noted by Wood and Bell, (2008), the process of conflict resolution involves two distinct approaches. First, and as stated earlier, the individuals involved can decide to flee and avoid the conflict completely. The process implies that the party withdraws from the conflict by avoiding it completely. The person can also decide to consider accommodation where he or she decides to sacrifice himself or herself and sets aside his or her concerns for the sake of maintaining peace in the situation (Bercovitch, n.d.). The method is believed to be the best way to resolve a conflict in any business setting. The second approach for resolving conflict in a business setting is to face the problem and fight the situation till the end. According to psychological point of view, the approach could involve three methods including competing, compromising and/or collaborating (Evans, 2013). Competing involves the assertive and authoritative behavior where an individual aggressively aims to instill pressure on the other to achieve their desired goal. For collaboration, an individual stays in the situation but with the aim of finding a solution to the conflict by cooperating with the other parties involved, and is one of the approaches that demand the best of communication. Compromising is about developing a resolution that is acceptable to all the parties involved and sees one party sacrificing their own set of goals but with the condition that the other party will also do the same (CRANAplus, 2011).

Though it may seem to be less preferable, the second method is the soberest way to resolve any organizational conflict successfully with none of the parties left feeling compromised (Shih & Susanto, 2010). The concept of facing the situation is predominantly referred to as the fight syndrome and the extent to which one decides to flee or face a conflict situation is greatly determined by one's way to analyze the threat emulating from the situation. For instance, situations that tend to but organizations at higher risk of compromising its productivity are always allocated more time and resources towards their resolution. A business setting with the aim of keeping its productivity would tend to consider fleeing from any conflict that might compromise its success to be the detrimental approach (CRANAplus, 2011).

To a larger extent, organizational conflict can also be viewed as a positive element in the realm. Some conflicts are known for their ability to clearly expose certain elements that can be applied in influencing certain decisions in a business setting that promote productivity. During conflicts situations, it is possible to expose some unvoiced elements that might have been hindering certain productive organizational operations, hence making conflict a matter that deserves significant attention. Conflicts can allow for the creation of forums which can, in turn, be used to strengthen the desired unity among the employees hence their motivation and eventually desired performance. Conflict situations can also be used as avenues to fully address underlying concerns in a sitting. The approach employed in handling such situations determines numerous elements including the far-reaching effects of conflict.

In line with Shih and Susanto, (2010) assertion, in order to employ an approach to resolving a conflict in a business setting, the parties involved need to keep in mind the fact that there are high possibilities of the situation being emotional and hence inviting some emotional approaches. Such cases are known to be resulting indirectly in baggage, in most cases. In my renewed thinking, it has since become increasingly important to ensure that before we decide which or approach to employ in resolving a conflict or even start the resolution process, we need to have a clear understanding of the root of the situation at hand. Keeping this in mind, we are likely to find ourselves in the desired position of getting to the bottom of the situation and employing the best approach that completely resolves the situation at hand in the best way possible. Also, to be able to gain the desired deep understanding of the conflict, we need to consider avoidance as the most preferred option of the approach to resolution, not unless we have proven otherwise. This way we will be able to handle the problem with ease with each party feeling satisfied, despite the fact that my involvement might seem warranted (Shih & Susanto, 2010). Therefore, after learning more about the conflict in my workplace and other course material, and in line with Menkel-Meadow's assertion (2012), my most preferred approach to conflict resolution will be taking a compromising situation.

As my preferred approach, compromising as a style tries to find a solution that will at least partially satisfy all the parties. In some situations, it may mean the parties making concessions or seeking a middle-ground solution. The main aim of the approach is to find some mutually acceptable solution which will be acceptable to all the parties involved. The usefulness of compromise is most realistic in a case that the cost of conflict is higher than the cost of losing ground when equal strength opponents are at a standstill and when there is a looming deadline. For this reason, therefore, I believe it would the most applicable to an organization which is striving to keep its productivity despite the existence of the situation. When parties compromise, each partially meets the other's demands (CRANAplus, 2011). It can at sometimes mean sacrificing one's important need. Either way, it not unusual for both the parties to walk away unsatisfied from a compromise approach to conflict resolution. Since it is closely linked to accommodation, compromise aligned to the positive notion that giving attention to the needs of other parties and incorporating the same is the best approach an organization that wants to maintain its productivity in a case of a conflict solution would want to consider (CRANAplus, 2011).

Our individual way to handle conflict is always bound to differ and depends on the role that we play in the situation. In any business setting, the initial and vital step involves doing away with emotions, since the situation is always accompanied by varied emotions. This is based on the fact that most of the decisions made in the line of conflict resolution are bound to be made from a logical point of view; rather than emotional (Shih & Susanto, 2010). The work setting, in most cases, would involve adults thus making the ground for resolution level for all the parties to raise their arguments in the most mature way. However, the case would be totally different when dealing with close friends or even family members. The case of family and friends will be reversed with emotions brought in first. Following the emotions will be listening to the other party's point of view, irrespective of situation entailed. Acting as a great source of information, this process will allow for timely resolution of the situation and in admirable fashion. The process would then give room for the third step which will then call in for my involvement, where I get the opportunity to showcase my point of view. This is the juncture at which one w...

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