An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing

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Date:  2022-03-29

First person point of view narrator is used in different ways. The most substantial approach of the first person narrator is used when a protagonist in a literary work is telling their own story. A personal account is adapted from personal experiences such as "I've known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human veins," (Hughes 1,1).

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A story re-teller can also use the first person narrator. Story re-teller often generate their ideas from events that they witnessed. The re-teller is not often directly involved in the activities but managed to see and record what happened. Lastly, the first person narrator is also used by a peripheral narrator. A peripheral narrator is an individual who was involved in the events that took place, but they were not the protagonist characters. These are the three variabilities of how the first character can be used in a play.

Gender plays a significant role in understanding the ideas of literary works. Gender roles, in particular, enables readers to understand the different roles of women in the various communities covered in the texts. Gender roles are the accepted codes of behavior expected from an individual by the society depending on their sexuality. Gender roles are often used to discriminate women in the society. Through the theme of gender, therefore, we can understand the different roles of women in the society. Gender distinguishes the communities who discriminate women from those who treat women with equality. Through the concept of gender, readers can have an in-depth understanding of the cultural attributes of the members of a particular community and thus the behavior of the individuals.

The irony in the development of the plot in literary works to reveal the personalities of different characters and their motives. In Oedipus, the King, paradox reveals the ignorant nature of the king of Thebes. Through irony, a reader understands why the king made the decisions he made such as baseless accusations, frequent quarreling and poor judgment. Through irony, therefore, the character of an individual is revealed and thus the development of the plot using the specific role. In Mending Wall, irony reveals the surprising outcome of the farmer's attitude towards the wall claiming that. The New England farmer was surprised by the favorable view of the farmers towards his wall claiming that "Good fences make good neighbors," (Frost 27,45).

The historical setting is used in literary works to enhance the understanding of fictional stories. Historical settings represent a period that is imaginary with no tangible evidence of the occurrences during the specific time. Authors often use a historical background to portray fictional events such as supernatural phenomenon. In Gothic, the historical setting is used to enable the reader to relate to the time when the events in the story occurred. The historical parameter is also used in other literary works to portray the imagination of the author beyond the real world phenomenon. A historical setting can, therefore, be a past or a future period.

The adoption of the archetype is significant in literary works because it enables the reader to relate to the context of the story. Archetypes are universally accepted characters or situations thus the author reveals realism through archetypes allowing the reader to connect socially to the ideas and identify with the characters of a story. In the play Doctor Faustus, Christopher Marlowe uses the clown to portray a comic archetype because everyone relates clowns to a funny attitude. In the poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers, Langston Hughes uses the river to represent the depth of his soul to enable readers to relate to the depth and length of streams. Archetype, therefore, allows the author to connect with the readers by including a universal attribute in their story.

The environmental setting of a literary work is significant because it enables a reader to predict some of the outcomes of the story. Environment setting, therefore, makes a story predictable or unpredictable. In Gothic, the author adopts a historical context with an environment that is expectedly gothic. Readers can, therefore, predict some of the fictional phenomena that are likely to happen in the plot of the story. In Doctor Faustus however, the author adopts a less obvious and expectedly gothic environment. Readers are astonished by the turnout of events as devils appear suddenly. This approach makes a story unpredictable and increases the concentration of the reader. The environmental setting of a story can, therefore, make a tale predictable or unpredictable depending on the ideas and theme portrayed by the story. An objective correlative is a literal feature used in poetry to incorporate an article that symbolizes a phenomenon in the poem. Authors often use the title of various articles to portray specific concepts in the poem such as feelings of emotion or the representation of different colors. However, objective correlative has been criticized because the theory assumes that every reader will have the same understanding of the symbolic article. Different individuals could have diverse opinions about particular articles or titles. Authors should, therefore, be very keen when incorporating objective correlative within their literary works especially in poetry. In the poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers, the author uses the names of the rivers to represent the geographical environment and feeling that is surrounded by a specific river. "I looked upon the Nile and raised the pyramids above it," (Hughes 2,3).

Dialogue relationship is used in literary works to portray an environment of tension and irony between two antagonist characters or ideas in a story. Dialogue relationship often occurs in the form of quarreling or misunderstanding. In "The Importance of Being Earnest," the author Oscar Wilde's uses dialogue relationship to mock the institution of marriage. The mockery of marriage in the society represents a sense of satire in the community. The pursuit of love is satirized by the continuous arguments between Jack and Gwendolen. In The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock, the author T.S Eliot mocks the lives of urban and modernist individuals by revealing their feeling of isolation and thus frustrations. He uses the institution of unattained love to portray the regrets and pain associated with urban dwellers. Through dialogue relationship, Eliot reveals the misfortunes of the modern individuals not known to many thus portraying the irony in the situation.

Metatextuality is a feature in literary writings where the author makes critical comments regarding the works of another literary work. This approach plays a significant role in helping the author to analyze a different point of view of a known phenomenon. Every author often portrays a specific situation in a different way. Two authors talking about the same event can comment on the thoughts of another author in his writing to distinguish his point of view from that of the previous author. Metatextuality can also be used to portray further research in a case study. An author can critic the works of a different author to represent his additional level of knowledge and understanding on the topic of study. Metatextuality is therefore significant in literary works that include scientific research studies.

The irony is significant in the literary works of Jorge Luis Borges because it enables talk about controversial issues in the society. The actions of Borges revolve around the themes of realism such as sexuality and magic. The irony incorporated in his short stories and poetry has enabled him to hide the harsh nature of the controversial issues recorded in his literary works. Other authors like O. Henry also incorporated irony in their writings to bring a sense of humor to their writing. There are different functions of irony in a literary work. The role of irony depends on the original ideas and style of writing adopted by an author.

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