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America, in its history, developed in different phases, with various individuals settling at the diverse places of the country. Various factors such as industrial growth, the discovery of natural resources, and farming practices played a significant role in causing the difference in settlement of the Americans. Additionally, during the phases, different people, such as African Americans, Chinese, and Native Americans, settled in various places in the country. Various historical events such as the civil war and completion of infrastructure attracted the settlement of different races of people in the area. As a result, there was a diversity of races that occupied the western regions of America in the 19th Century. There are different causes, impacts, and challenges of the Chinese settlement in the America West.

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Historical Background

America's west is on the regions in American history that experienced a significant revolution. The west part of American developed in the 19th Century and contributed significantly to the development of the other parts of the region. This impact was as a result of the ability of the America West to maintain power despite the occasional challenges such as wars. Immigration played a crucial role in the development of the areas. This aspect brought people of different races, abilities, and powers, such as the Chinese, who significantly participated in the development of the area. Therefore, the diversity of people helped to solve the challenges such as resource management, political issues, and other social actions. Primarily, the settlement of Chinese in America contributed to political, social, and economic development.

Causes of Chinese Settlement in America West

The Chinese occupied the western part of America in the 19th Century following the migration. Chinese were innovative people since they moved to different parts of the world to explore the natural resources. Additionally, the individuals migrated to look for settlement following the increase of population in their land. Further, the Chinese found interest in America's west due to social aspects such as interactions and learning of new cultures. The Chinese also found interest in the region due to the availability of gold, which was an essential resource for increasing their economic growth. Ideally, migration and pursuit of natural resources were the main reasons that caused the Chinese to settle in the west of America.

Impacts of Chinese Settlement

The settlement of Chinese in West America contributed to social, economic, and political growth. Socially, the settlements led to the growth of cultural diversity. During the migration period, the Chinese interacted with other people from different races, such as the Native Americans and African Americans. As a result, there were increased intermarriages among the races that resulted in cultural exchange practices. Additionally, the settlement contributed to the establishment of multiethnic communities in the region. Primarily, Chinese settlement in western America led to cultural and social exchange hence multiethnic societies.

Another social impact was the introduction of Chinese culture in America. During the interactions, the Chinese taught the Americans, Asians, and Africans their culture and language. Additionally, they introduced their foods, religion, and beliefs to the people. Consequently, the Chinese were able to interact with other people effectively and attracted them to their communities. As a result, the Chinese were able to create more opportunities for them to interact and explore other communities in the country. Ideally, the introduction of Chinese culture to other communities created a foundation for more exploration in the region.

Economically, the Chinese caused a significant contribution to the growth and development of Western America. The Chinese were attracted to natural resources in the region. Thus they made efforts to utilize them, thus leading to economic growth among the people. America's West was rich in native woods, which attracted the Chinese into the land. The Chinese were majorly involved in the lumbering and logging of the trees hence creating wood industries in the land. For instance, they were able to set lumbering industries in Eastern Oregon and Nevada. Primarily, the participation of Chinese in logging and lumbering led to the establishment of industries in the region.

Another economic impact was the development of mining industries and channels in the land. America's West was rich in gold mines but lacked the knowledge of extracting the resource from the ground. The Chinese were innovative since they had the effective skills of mining gold from the grounds. Therefore, after their settlement in the land, they were able to introduce their skills in the industry. Hence, there was an increase in the mining industry. Additionally, the Chinese introduced the technology and machines that also increased the efficiency of gold mining. Primarily, the innovative trait of the Chinese resulted in the growth and development of the gold mining industry in the land.

The Chinese also know farming skills. Therefore, during the settlement into the region, they led to increased farming practices. Additionally, the Chinese introduced new farming skills and crops into the area. This introduction was a result of the presence of fertile and productive land in the region. Additionally, the Chinese were skilled in farming since their land was an agricultural area. Therefore, they introduced new crops and farming technology in the land. As a result, there was an increase in food production and agricultural markets in the country.

Chinese settlement in America's west also played a significant role in the creation of employment opportunities for the people in the land. The Chinese offered labor to people who would work in the logging and lumbering industries, agricultural areas, and in the mines. The laborers would work as loaders, cultivators, and miners. As a result, the laborers were able to acquire the money that helped improve their standard of living. Primarily, the Chinese created industries that offered employment opportunities to the people in the land.

Challenges Faced By the Chinese in West America

Technological innovations in America were among the problem that was faced by the Chinese. The Chinese used old techniques in the wood cutting in the lumbering industry. In America, there were better technology and industrialization aspects that propelled the industry. Therefore, the technology reduced the participation of Chinese in the industry. Additionally, the railway construction improved transportation of the woods, thus increasing the competition in the industry. Ideally, technology caused an increase in competition in the industry.

The terrain of the harsh weather of America's west was also a challenge to the Chinese. The sloppy land caused a strain on the people to access the logging areas as well as the mines. Therefore, there were a reduction in productivity, thus minimal results. The weather also was harsh for the Chinese since they were used to the hot and dry climate in the land, contrary to the cold environment in America's Asia.


America's west region has significantly participated in the introduction of Chinese in America. The Chinese settlement was a result of the availability of natural resources such as gold and wood. Their settlement in the land caused social and economic growth in the land. However, the harsh weather, sloppy terrain, and technological innovations challenged their establishment in the land. Generally, the occupation of America's West region by the Chinese is a great historical event that impacted the land both socially and economically.


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