Airbnb's Success: From Start-Up to Enterprise Through Strategic Marketing - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-14


Airbnb has been successful in the rental properties industry. Numerous factors are essential for this success right from the time when it was a start-up to now when it is a successful business enterprise. One of the most significant success factors is its presentation and strategic marketing. During 2008 - 2009, when it was a small start-up, the Airbnb founders engaged with numerous organizations to market their service (Guttentag 1194). They first had to do manual marketing by conducting actual visits to events organizers. They further stepped the game up by engaging various social media platforms and websites. Most of their marketing initially was on the Craiglist. Their excellent presentation and marketing traits are evident during the NDC and the inauguration. Another success factor is the suitability of the cofounders of Airbnb in what they were doing. The trios are individuals with an entrepreneurial mentality. They were also great designs and used the skills to ensure the success of the company. Thirdly, Airbnb's success factor lies in the strategic identification of business supporters such as seasonal events and the locations of the events. The organizers worked tirelessly to identify these locations and seasons for the events.

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Advice to Airbnb on March 2009

2009 was the most crucial time in the development and growth of Airbnb. The company registered the most significant business momentum at this time. The decision to change the name, however vital, was not necessary at the time (Guttentag 1193). The cofounders needed to concentrate on the inventory created after the Washington D.C's event. One of the best ways to deal with this was to work with companies such as property movers to help them move the inventories to another place where it was much needed. They would also start focusing on the possibilities of beginning real estate in the area at that point.

The Take-Home From the Procurement Perspective and Marketing Dynamics of Airbnb

Airbnb was and is still operating in a very dynamic and unpredictable. The industry requires an excellent potential to move with the market waves. The main lesson from its operation is the ability of investors to take advantage of the opportunities available within the surrounding before deciding to make huge investments in terms of procurements. The cofounders of the company were cautious of the excess inventories right from the start. As a result, they strived to take advantage of the homeowners and acted as middlemen when offering bed and breakfast services. Other lessons include the essentials of strategic marketing management in the marketing dynamics and the importance of technological advancement in business management.

Works Cited

Guttentag, Daniel. "Airbnb: disruptive innovation and the rise of an informal tourism accommodation sector." Current issues in Tourism 18.12 (2015): 1192-1217.

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